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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Lyme; Is It A Secondary Cause Of Symptoms?

You exhibit all the symptoms of Lyme, but your progress on several different protocol seems stagnant. It's easy enough to consider co-infections such as candida, babesia, and toxicity issues, such as heavy metal poisoning, as being part of the symptomatic picture, but have you ever considered that emotional trauma and the biochemical dysfunctions caused thereby might be more important than the infections themselves? What if your infections became active because of emotional trauma and are only contributing to a body already rife with dysfunction?

Okay, so the idea that the mind affects the body and vice versa is nothing new. But how many would consider emotional trauma to be a larger problem for the body to cope with than some spiraled bacteria, and for the former to be the first cause of illness, rather than the other way around?

Your current state of mind will definitely impact your health, but even if you are happy as a songbird, your body may yet carry reminders of past trauma due to abuse, post-traumatic stress syndrome, and other emotional stressors, and addressing these may be just as, if not more important, as treating Lyme and co-infections.
But it may be more than a matter of doing cognitive therapy (ie, counseling) to re-establish healthy thought patterns, although these can be useful.

Bodywork such as the Neural-Emotional Technique as well as immune entrainment therapies are two examples of treatments that can work on a deeper level to help reverse dysfunctions and cellular damage done to the body due to past or current emotional trauma. Just keep this in mind if your antibiotics, herbs or other therapies aren't working. There may be more to healing Lyme and your body's dysfunctions than taking a bug-killer and trying to put band-aids on all your biochemical screw-ups. The clue to health may lie in un-doing the dysfunction caused by emotions and helping the immune system to function as it should, rather than relying on an external substance to fix what's broken.

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