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Monday, February 19, 2007

Ten Tips For Traveling With Lyme

Should being sick mean you can't travel? Maybe, or maybe a few adjustments can make that trip to your friend's wedding in DC or overseas vacation possible. As an ex-Flight Attendant, I learned a few ways to make travel more bearable, with or without Lyme.

1. New rules don't allow water to be brought from home, but bring an empty bottle in your carry-on (at least 2 liters for an intl. flight) and fill it in the terminal or ask Flight Attendants to fill your bottle on the plane. Provisioning on domestic flights may not allow for this but on longer flights, attendants are usually happy to oblige.

2.Bring your own tea bags and on the plane request a cup of hot water when the beverage cart comes around.

3. Travel with a snack to keep away from unhealthy airport food and to keep blood sugar stable. If it's not yogurt or liquidy, you can probably bring from home. My travel days are long so I always bring a salad, nuts, apples and string cheese.

4. Bring a book or a portable hobby. Feeling like you are waiting drains the adrenal glands.

5. Forget that extra pair of shoes. Travel light and with a suitcase that has wheels. Check bags whenever possible so you don't have to waste energy hauling them into the overhead.

6. Leave early for the airport. Rushing wastes adrenaline and depletes you of energy. This is the other half of the reason why people are wiped out at the end of a travel day.

7.Go to sleep early the night before, so you have "reserve" energy for travel day.

8. Bring sleep aids, ear plugs, a blow-up pillow and anything that will assist with R&R.

9. Ask for an aisle seat so you can frequent the lavatory if necessary.

10.Wear sturdy shoes and dress in layers. Airplane temperatures fluctuate greatly.

Happy Travels!

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