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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Natural Anti-Inflammatories

Inflammation and Lyme are best buddies. Inseparable. Lyme especially depends upon Inflammation for its survival. And it's a master at coaxing the immune system to produce Inflammation whenever possible, which in turn blinds the immune system so that it can't attack Lyme!

What can a Lyme disease sufferer do? Actually, quite a few options exist for reducing inflammation in the body. Most of us already take Vitamin C and essential fatty acids (such as fish and flax oil) for multiple purposes, and these are also good for combatting the big I. Proteolytic enzymes also rank at the top of the list.
Bromelain, or pineapple enzyme, is likewise beneficial, and this has the added benefit of breaking down fibrin and thereby reducing hypercoagulation, a common condition in Lyme disease.

Finally, herbs aplenty exist for separating Inflammation from its pal Borrelia. Turmeric is one. I personally love seasoning my meats and veggies with this Indian spice. Aloe vera juice, boswellia, echinacea, ginger, goldenseal, pau d' arco, red clover and yucca are other options.
Olive leaf extract likewise contributes to reducing the impact of Inflammation on the body, with the added benefit that it is also anti-bacterial. That's bad news for Borrelia!

Eating foods high in flavinoids (which are super anti-oxidants) is another useful strategy for severing the Borrelia-Inflammation relationship. Spinach and berries are examples of good sources for this.

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