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Monday, April 16, 2007

The Harmonic Quad Zapper

I used to think that if I could count all my bugs, I would surely be alarmed and in utter awe of how I'm able to function with such a party-fest of pathogens wreaking havoc on my tissues (or just napping away until the immune gets knocked down again).

Fortunately (or unfortunately) the other day, I received some insight into the "how many bugs" question, when a friend tested me for a few thousand infections using a super high-tech device called a Harmonic Quad Zapper. (The one you'll find doing a Google search isn't the one I'm referring to here). The device found roughly seventy-five different viruses, bacteria, parasites and such in my body. This is probably not representative of all infections, and some of these critters may be ghosts of past infections. Yet it may also represent infections that are contributing to my current symptom picture or which exist in a state of dormancy in my body.

The device then went on to scan different supplements and Rife frequencies that would serve as useful treatments for the bugfest. I've since used some of the Rife frequencies on my Doug machine, with good results.

You probably don't have access to a Harmonic Quad Zapper but if you live in the Seattle area and want to learn the names of some of your body's biggest nuisances, I can tell you where to find a practitioner who owns one of these devices. Otherwise, as you're treating Lyme and if you're concerned about the few dozen, or few hundred, "miscellaneous infections" you may have going on in addition to Lyme, consider supplementing with a broad-spectrum anti-microbial, such as colloidal silver or olive leaf, or a good "catch-all" parasite cleanser such as Para 5 (email me for details on where to get the latter...connie9824@msn.com). Or you could simply assume that Lyme is the main culprit behind your symptoms (it may or may not be) and trust your immune system's ability to "clean house" and eliminate other active infections, once your Borrelia infection is under control.

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