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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hope In Therapy; Hope In God

God is my great physician. If I gain victory in an area of my healing, it's because He's allowed it. Yes, I know. Just because my brain is littered with Borrelia poo doesn't mean that God hasn't given me a fine mind to search out answers for myself, and sometimes I buy into that quote, "God helps those who helps themselves."
But if you believe in God and you're too sick to get out of bed or too brain dead to research supplements, then I sure hope God doesn't expect you to live by this pseudo Bible quote.

For those of us who rely upon and trust God to guide our lives, when it comes to treating Lyme, the lines between complacency, striving and active participation in recovery can become blurred.

The complacent Lyme disease sufferer might take an antibiotic along with a handful of Doritos, as she sits in front of the TV 24-7, with no further interest in her health because "God will take care of it."

The one who strives does tons of research (like yours truly), tries every therapy on the market whilst agonizing over the outcome and thinking it will be the end of the world if ABC or ABX therapy doesn't kill a thousand ketes.

The one who trusts in God may find herself in either scenario, researching away or being a spud in front of the tube, but she'll be the one who, while actively soliciting the guidance of God, relinquishes the need to control the outcome of any one particular therapy.

She'll find solutions for treating Lyme, but she won't sink her claws into these as though her life depended upon the success of antibiotics or herbs, for her hope is not in treatments, but in God.

I'm not a genius at accomplishing the latter scenario....too often, I cling to my research and my treatments as though peace and joy depended upon them working for me. It's only when I pause and remember to take my hot hands off the steering wheel of my destiny, and instead become a passenger in God's Ferrari, that I can then relax. Knowing of course, that I can offer Him directions, but it's He who ultimately knows the way towards Health and Life.

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Megan said...

This was a great post; a much needed reminder. It's so nice to find other Lyme sufferers who are also Christians!