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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Protecting The Brain From QUIN and ROS

I tend to blame Borrelia for spewing neurotoxins two and fro about the central nervous system, but in reality, the immune system should get part of the blame for being tricked by Borrelia to produce its own neurotoxins. Yes, Bb generates neurotoxins, but it also is a genuis at getting the human body to do what it wants for its purposes, and that includes being an accomplice in its garbage production.

Quinolinic acid is a potent neurotoxin which Borrelia tricks the microglia (the primary macrophages of the brain)into producing from tryptophan. Additionally, Lyme induces the brain to produce ROS (reactive oxygen species) which are, incidentally, produced to kill Lyme but which instead function synergistically with QUIN to damage the Central Nervous System in huge ways. Destruction to neurons, synaptic connections, brain atrophy and disrupted neurotransmitter production are just some of the ways in which Bb uses QUIN and ROS to its advantage. I know, you don't want to hear anymore. Me neither.

Suffice it to say that Borrelia sure knows how to hijack the immune system.
Fortunately, a number of CNS protectors exist to reduce CNS damage. High-quality chlorella removes neurotoxins from the brain. Mucuna bean powder increases neurotransmitter production. Zinc prevents hippocampal damage and melatonin protects neurons from damage by QUIN. So don't feel too bad about having to take melatonin for sleep--it will protect your brain while it helps you get some Zzz's!

Further, Japanese knotweed, whose primary constituent is reveratrol, is an antioxidant which neutralizes the effects of ROS and QUIN on the brain.
Phospholipids prevent ROS damage and help bring other toxin-binders to hard-to-reach areas of brain matter.

Finally, lithium orotate, as mentioned in B. Rosner's new book, The Top Ten Lyme Disease Treatments, (www.lymebook.com) acts as a powerful shield to the brain.

Using any one of the aforementioned protocol can, in turn, reduce neurological symptoms of Lyme, which will have positive affects not only on the brain, but on the entire body.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

amazing post. i had an amazing leap of progress with chlorella and melatonin and now i see why. it will be interesting to see how the lithum o. moves things along neurologically.

thanks connie for putting this all together!