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Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Benefits Of Systemic Enzymes

Did you know that many Lyme-related symptoms can be due to problems with the blood and the incidental protein garbage that floats around in it?

First, as a self-protective mechanism, Borrelia triggers the body to coat the blood vessels with fibrin, which it then cloaks itself in, in order to disguise itself from the immune system. Hypercoagulation is the result, a condition which short-circuits the transport of oxygen and nutrients to the body's cells. The thick blood likewise places a greater burden on the heart and other organs.

Secondly, the blood is affected by circulating protein debris, which is comprised of nasty little immune complexes that are created when the immune system gets into a fight with Borrelia, and which further compromises the body's functioning as it leaves the immune in hyper-stimulus and hyper-inflammation mode. This debris likewise contributes to hypercoagulation.

Fortunately, there are ways to clean the blood, and what better way to deal with fibrin and random proteins than systemic enzymes? Enzymes speed up chemical reactions, and proteases are a group of enzymes that are especially useful for breaking down protein, including fibrin and the circulating immune complexes (the latter are made of up of antibody-antigen pairs, by the way).

In taking a quality enzyme product containing protease, the immune system has a chance to calm down and reduce its inflammatory attack upon the body, as it no longer perceives the presence of protein globs in the blood. Further, as the blood gets a bath, oxygen and nutrients flow more freely to the cells, and circulation is improved.

In checking out protease products, make sure you get one that is enteric-coated, so that your stomach acid doesn't gobble up the enzymes before they have a chance to make it into the bloodstream.


Courtney said...

what type do you use?

Connie Killabugger said...

Great photo, Courtney! :)
I personally use Vitalzym, but there are at least a few good other ones out there, including Wobenzym and Nattokinase.