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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Japanese Knotweed Is King!

Stephen H. Buhner is a master herbalist who has made some remarkable discoveries when it comes to using herbs to treat Lyme disease. If I ever have the pleasure of meeting him,
I will shower gratitude flowers upon his feet for having introduced me to Japanese knotweed.

This remarkable herb is King when it comes to treating Lyme. An anti-inflammatory, it helps the immune system to combat various infections, since inflammation helps blind the immune system to Borrelia and the activity of other infections in the body. The anti-inflammatory actions are exceptionally useful for Bartonella, which relies upon inflammation for its proliferation. And, as an anti-inflammatory, japanese knotweed relieves symptoms of arthritis.

Next, it modulates and enhances immune function in a number of ways, and is an anti-everything; anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral. It is known to kill some varieties of spirochetes, and that may even include Borrelia (though data on its effectiveness as a Borrelia killer is unknown to me).

But this is just the beginning. Japanese knotweed protects the body against neurotoxin damage, so that central nervous system symptoms are reduced, at the same time that it increases blood flow and transport of Lyme treatments to hard-to-reach areas of the body, such as the eye, heart, skin and joints.

It is an antioxidant that also helps to reduce Herxheimer reactions. I could go on and on, but I'll finish my rave of knotweed by stating that it protects the heart and helps reduce symptoms of Lyme carditis.

Finally, I should mention that much of japanese knotweed's actions are due to resveratrol and trans-resveratrol, two active constituents of the herb. (Red wine contains resveratrol, BTW. Perhaps it's part of the reason why the Mediterranean folk are healthier than us? Hmmm!)


jake441 said...


I am just beginning the 2nd week of treatment under the plan outlined in Buhner's book "Healing Lyme."

I am wondering if anyone out there has had any good or bad experiences with it.

After the first week, I was OK. Now, on week 2, with a higher dosage I am not feeling well with lyme like symptoms. Is this normal as the disease leaves the body?


Connie Killabugger said...

Hi Jake,

It is possible the knotweed caused a herx.
You might want to lower your dosage slightly until symptoms subside.
Good luck! :)

Anonymous said...

I got a late diagnosis of Rocky Mountain and can't seem to find much on it, nor is my doctor much help. Having really bad arthritis. Does it ever go away? I know Rocky Mountain isn't the same but I thought it might be similar enough that you might know.


Connie Strasheim (aka Killabugger) said...


I don't know much about rocky mountain spotted fever, but I feel that if you can get rid of Lyme, you can get rid of anything. Like Lyme, however, you want you find a doc experienced in treating this particular problem. You might try asking a Lyme doc what to do, as some of them probably know how to treat this infection.



Shandy Monte said...

Do you know where I can get KNotweed?? I am wanting to try this for bartonella. I cannot order anything online (no credit card)... is there an in store brand I can buy???

Thank you!

Connie Strasheim (aka Killabugger) said...

Hi Shandy,

I don't know about the good in-store brands. You might go to a health food store and ask around.

Alternatively, you could call one of the on-line retailers and see if they will accept a check or money order.



Durnik said...

>Do you know where I can get Knotweed??

Don't know where you live but smartweed (which is also sometimes called japanese knotweed, & has the same constituents) is a roadside & garden weed (to those who don't know better) in most of the U.S. & I suspect parts of Canada. Wikipedia (& others) have pictures & it's easy to I.D.. Right now (while flowering) is the time to pick & dry the plant. Good luck!

RC said...

I'd like to know the actual research that supports the claim that this weed helps with Lyme (and I'm sympathetic- both my wife and kids have it). People need to know however, that this plant is one of the most invasive, ecosystem destroying species known to Man (and illegal in the UK). It spreads by Rhizomes, and it's roots have the ability to go dormant for up to 20 years when treated with pesticides ( or with organic methods like suffocation with tarps). Near impossible to get rid of, not unlike chronic Lyme...

Chronic Disease Options said...

RC check out the research on resvesterol and trans-resvesterol. Those same rhizomes that are so good at protecting the plant through detox are exactly what makes this a useful herb in Lyme and does present with anti-spirochete abilities even to the dormant cell wall defecient states is well established in chinese lit. There are also three patents on the resvesterol being processed. You will see this more and more once pharma can market and make a buck.

Anonymous said...

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