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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Polarity Reversal In Muscle Testing--Don't Get Caught With Your Energies Backwards!

Muscle testing, when done properly, is one of alternative medicine's most effective ways of assessing the body for toxins. Many factors must be taken into consideration when performing this technique, one of the most important being the possibility of polarity reversal, or, having the body's energies reversed.
And operating in backwards mode is a big deal.

Why? It renders ineffective not only muscle testing, but any treatment given to the body, whether it be an energy therapy or otherwise. Proper biochemical functioning is dependent upon the proper flow of energy along meridians, or the body's energy pathways. When operations get messed up here, antibiotic, vitamin and other therapies are hindered in their ability to heal the body.

So what makes a person run on reversal?
If your body is exposed to toxins that it is sensitive to, from EMF's, to non-organic chicken, to the negative thoughts of your own mind, then chances are, your energy flow is set on bass-ackwards.

Eliminating toxins in one's environment, therefore, is vital to healing. While it is impossible to live in a world completely free of these, strive to limit your exposure to them as much as possible. In the meantime, you can ensure an accurate muscle test by pressing on your belly with your fingers, about two inches above your abdomen, while you do a self-test or your practitioner muscle tests you. This temporarily restores energy balance to the body.

To correct a reversal, tap five times on the pinky side of your hand, midway down between the pinky knuckle and the top of your wrist. Then tap five times under your nose. This technique may correct the reversal. You can determine whether it has by pressing on your abdomen again. If you get a different result in your muscle testing than when you aren't pressing in on your belly, then you are still reversed.

At this stage, suspect a toxin in the environment you are currently in (including your own negative thoughts or that of others!), and strive to remove yourself from it, if at all possible.

These are elementary steps you can take to ensure proper results when muscle testing. Other factors exist which can make or break an accurate test, but polarity reversal is, undoubtedly, one of the most important of these.


Anonymous said...

hi Connie, got another question. Do you ever get headaches when you do the salt/c, ive been getting headaches.I think it might have to do with blood pressure. My friend is concerned that it might hurt my kidneys. And also do you have a ionic footbath? hows costa rica? isaiah

Connie Killabugger said...

Hi Isaiah, I don't get headaches with salt/C. Are you taking sea salt? If so, your blood pressure should eventually normalize. Remember, table salt doesn't work for this protocol.
If you drink a lot of water (1 glass per gram of salt) then your kidneys should be OK. You may want to consult Marc, the moderator of Lyme Strategies Yahoo group for more info. on this protocol.
I don't have an ionic footbath, but have used them and felt more energetic afterwards. Good luck and take care,


Anonymous said...

Connie thanks alot for all the info.
ps ive been using real salt. bought it in the bulk

Anonymous said...

Connie where would be a good place to research the different ionic footbaths as far as whats good and whats not. thank you. Isaiah