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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Holistic Healing Through Energy Medicine

The more I learn about the different modalities for healing Lyme disease, the more I become convinced that the most powerful and effective means for treating this stubborn illness is through energy medicine, and particularly through strategies that address healing on a holistic level.

It's not that herbs, pharmaceutical antibiotics, salt/C and the like don't work. Often they do. But more often, they take a person to thirty, fifty or seventy percent health, and then leave him or her there.

Also, these therapies are based upon the belief that the body can't heal itself and needs an external substance in order to rid itself of toxins and function properly. This means that whatever external substance the body gets had better be good at what it does, and have the ability to work well with a person's peculiarities, or else! But what are the chances that a random combination of pills can work miracles for a biochemistry and bug population so complicated that only God has a real crack at figuring them out?
Personally, I wouldn't put that much faith in such external remedies (though I have used them myself and they have nudged me closer towards healing).

The other part of the problem is that they fail to address the other reasons for ill-health, particularly past and current emotional trauma, and spiritual brokenness. For many, Lyme disease isn't just about bugs, but about organs and systems that are carrying unforgiveness and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).

Some types of energy medicine are based upon the more powerful principle that the body can heal itself, if provided with the information it needs in order for that to happen, and provided that the person limits his or her exposure to environmental toxins. What's more, the most effective therapies in energy medicine address the removal of pent-up toxins on all levels; emotional, environmental, spiritual, biochemical, and so forth.

Not all healing protocol involving energy medicine are created alike, however. Energy medicine can be as ineffective as swallowing a couple of Tylenol to cure Lyme disease, but it can also be more effective than any western-minded protocol, if an effective strategy is found.
Lifestyle changes are usually required in order for such strategies to work, as energy fields and hence healing can be disrupted by toxins of all kinds.

For example, not avoiding food allergies, getting into a destructive relationship, eating too much chocolate, talking on your cell phone for ten hours a day and becoming a workaholic in an office filled with smokers may negate the effectiveness of some energy therapies. Operating in fight-or-flight mode or living off a string of negative thoughts can be especially destructive.

Granted, the stronger the immune system gets, the more environmental toxins may be tolerated, but in the initial stages of healing, for energy medicine to function at its best, avoidance of toxins is vital, in order to prevent disruptions to the energy field.

Whether you believe in healing that comes from the East or from the West, energy medicine is worth considering in the treatment of Lyme disease, as a primary or adjunct therapy.

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