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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Taking A Blog Nap

***Just an FYI to all my dear, devoted blog readers. Posts to this blog may become infrequent over the next month or two. I appreciate your patience while I take a little "nap" from my duties as a blogger***

Suggested Lyme healing retreat of the day: The Dead Sea between Israel and Jordan. (Beg, save and scrape to get here!)
Containing over 30% minerals, including magnesium, iodine, bromine and others, and located below sea level, the Dead Sea is an optimal healing resort for Lyme sufferers, whose bodies are sorely oxygen and mineral-deprived. Take a dip in the water, and you won't drown. The minerals keep you afloat, and refresh your body and spirit. I spent a day here and felt incredibly energized.

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Kevin Peer said...

Hey there -

Great blog you have.. thank you for creating it and for sharing your journey. I just wanted to suggest that you look into Rhodiola rosea as part of your protocol. It has great benefits in terms of helping increase energy and mental clarity. I am a 'Lymie' and it has been a great ally recently. For more info you can check out a book titled 'Rhodiola Revolution', written by two MD's, one of whom dances with Lyme. Cheers, Kevin