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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Healing In A Bottle Of Water

A lot of Lyme disease treatments are really "out there." I consider myself to be an open-minded soul, in full recognition of the benefits of energy medicine and how it can help sufferers to heal from Lyme disease, but some strategies yet leave me baffled. Maybe if I took a course in Quantum Physics, the in-style science discipline of the decade, I would be able to better grasp onto how energy can heal a person...especially when it comes to transferring healing energy into a bottle of water...over the phone.

A bottle of water? You ask.

Yup. Let's hypothesize a bit here, because believe me, I'm in speculation mode, too.

So what if we could heal of Lyme disease by spraying ourselves with a magic bottle of water, containing energetic codes designed to rid the body of infection? What if I told you that we could code this cool water by holding it up to the telephone receiver, while vibrations are sent through the phone line? And that, by spraying this water and leaving it on the body for ten minutes, that these energetic codes could become a permanent part of our biochemistry, repelling our current pathogens and setting the stage for those infections to never enter our bodies again? What would you say if I told you that you can get rid of 35 infections or contaminants per week with this water, including vaccination residues, heavy metals, pesticides and critters that you don't even know you had? Would you jump for joy if I told you that you don't even have to get a herx reaction from it (at least severely, anyway), since repelled critters don't ooze neurotoxins?

I know, Yeah Right!

When pigs sprint over the full moon.

"But how would anyone know about all of these infections and contaminants in the first place?" You ask.

Oh, that's simple. Just get an energetic scan of your photograph and handwriting sample and it will tell you most of what's wrong with you. But wait, I'm not sure how that works, either...sorry guys, still too many blanks for me on this one. Can someone help me out here?

Or how about some purple cows over that moon, too?

Maybe the best thing to do would be to just have a seat outside, and have a look at the planet, to see if any farm animals sprout wings and have a hurdle. Meanwhile, I'll wait for this perhaps not-so-wimpy water to massively shift my biochemistry.

Yes, I admit, I just sprayed myself with the magic water, containing healing instructions that were sent over six thousand miles. Wait for me, please, as I go back inside the house to find my webbed feet so I can respond when some of my readers go, "Quack!"

But the proof is always in the proverbial pudding, isn't it, my dear Ladies and Lymegents? Well, while I sit and wait in my webbed feet for flying cows and fast results, I encourage you to do a bit of research on energy medicine, specifically bioresonance, and its many applications for healing Lyme disease. The more you study this "branch" (or whatever the heck you want to call it) of medicine, the more you may become convinced by its mysterious potential to heal.


Matty O said...

I stumbled upon your blog yesterday while at work and am intrigued by your approach to lyme disease. My wife and I both have tested positive (my wife twice and I once) for lyme disease. She found out that her year long torment and pain was caused by lyme disease... and I decided if it can be transmitted sexually I should get tested also so as to not reinfect her... sure enough we were both positive. We are from Cleveland, Ohio and I would really like to talk to you on an email basis if you have the time. We have been through several doctors already most don't believe in lyme disease PERIOD! and the others don't seem to have a real protocol to follow. I am 24 yrs old and my wife 26... we don't have much money and the trips to the emergency room and expensive doctors that aren't on our insurance are really taking their toll. I have been researching alternative medicines and healings since we found out this is what we had and am very interested in detoxing our bodies and some of the other things you have tried. Your personality/approach to this whole situation is similar to mine... don't let it control your life and you have to have a sense of humor. Like I said, I would be very interested in conversing through a couple emails if you have the time just to share some stories and possibly learn of some treatments you have found to help. Thanks and keep on blogging, whether people post or not, it truly is an inspiration to people out there, you keep us positive and hoping to finally rid ourselves of these unwanted little guys!!!

wallace said...

I have just felt some of your water, amazing!!

You are so kind!


Connie Killabugger said...

Hi Matty,

Thanks for sharing. I would be happy to correspond with you. You can write me at: connie9824@msn.com.
Hang in there, there are ways out of this mess besides antibiotics, and a few of them aren't too costly.
I look forward to speaking to you!



So you got some magic water? Cool! Let me know how it goes.


wallace said...

I felt the water through your blog!

Isnt that Bioreasonance?!!!


Anonymous said...


I hope you didn't pay a lot of money to have your water treated, it's obviously a scam. However, I think the theory behind this scam does make some kind of sense. The idea -- which is the theory underlying homeopathy -- is that water can store a kind of information not yet known to mainstream science.

I think this is very possible, since I also believe in subtle energies and biofields, and all that kind of alternative science stuff.

These ideas are utterly and completely rejected by mainstream science and medicine, since they do not acknowledge any form of life energy. That idea just hasn't been in style over the past century.

But I think this will change. Of course the alternative scientists and new-agers are throwing around terminology from quantum physics. There is probably a lot of truth in all of this -- but I don't think anyone understands any of it very well at this time. The company you describe just wants to take money from sick people, most likely.

I think there probably are many alternative treatments that work for some people, but you have to be skeptical, especially if it's something new you never heard of before.

Of course I am doing salt/c, which I had never heard of, and which sounds nutty. But it's inexpensive. (And, by the way, I really do think it works).

Anonymous said...

Oh that last post was me, Lemon. It doesn't seem to let me enter my user name anymore.

Connie Killabugger said...

Hi Lemon!

Hope this finds you well.

The water therapy is not a scam.
In fact, it may be one of the most effective Lyme disease treatmenst out there. The guy who does this, in fact, is so busy that he doesn't want masses of people to know what he does b/c he can't handle any more work right now. He's a good guy who gives God the credit for all of his work.

The therapy is somewhat like homeopathy, but better. You should know that it is possible to program energetic frequencies into water. These frequencies repel pathogens and code the body for healing. I know it works b/c I have spoken with others who have done it.

I just wrote the post b/c I think people need to know the power of energy medicine to heal the body.
So I agree with the rest of what you have said--indeed, our society has typically not acknowledged that our biochemistry can be altered by energy. But as you said, that is changing. And thank goodness!

Thanks for stopping by. I hope salt/C can help you. I personally know of two men who were healed 100% by it.

Anonymous said...

Ok well, if it works then it can't be a scam. I believe water can store information. I am just not very trusting, especially of things that cost a lot.

Anonymous said...

Oh, forgot to sign that. Lemon.

Connie Killabugger said...

Hi Lemon,

I'm not sure why Google won't let you enter your name. Perhaps I can just take it for granted that "anonymous" is you :)

Re. the post, I may have made it sound as though I didn't believe much in it, either, which may have led you to think it was a scam. I wrote it this way b/c it's something that, at face value, seems way-over-the-top, and just downright unbelievable if you don't understand it, so I was kind of making fun of it :)
And yes, we have to be skeptical!
Everyone in this world is trying to make a buck, and some by dishonest means. And unfortunately, there is still no one "right" way to healing Lyme, that works for all.

Connie Killabugger said...

Alert: There is some incorrect information in this post! Please read the amendment, posted on April 7th. Thanks and my apologies.