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Saturday, April 05, 2008

We Know So Wee Little When It Comes To Lyme

How often do you find yourself believing that the next innovative Lyme disease treatment is "it?" I mean, the answer to your suffering. Just because somebody invented it or it has been found to work for a few. Just because clinical trials have shown furry mammals to receive benefit from it, or because it costs both arms and legs. If it's expensive, if it's the latest, well-known Lyme disease remedy, well then, certainly somebody's got things figured out, right? After all, we humans know SO much about how to heal the human body of Lyme disease, don't we?

Well, uh...no.
When we consider how few chronic Lyme disease sufferers are actually 100% cured, when we ruminate upon the truth that seldom does one single protocol bring a sufferer into remission, and when we take notice of all of the contradictions in information that gets revised year after year, and in the end is found to be utterly worthless...how can we know that the next Lyme treatment is what's going to cure us?

Personally, I am finished with staking my hopes on the next greatest healing remedy. That pill or positive energy that cured Lila Lymefree or that promises to get borrelia in cystic form. That remedy which purports to kill anything, from malaria to cancer viruses to...me.

Why do we put so much trust in our healing remedies? Because we need hope and to believe that something is going to work for us? Nothing wrong with that. But in the end, is our highest hope in a remedy or in something else? How about our creator, who made all things and who can make all things happen in us? What about our own body's ability to heal? Do we give credit to the strength of our immune system, the power of our mind, or the perseverence that will bring us to the finish line of health?

I think we need to stop putting the power of life and death in that wimpy little herb, chemical or pharma-biotic, especially since so many of these have failed us. No, let's put our hope in something greater, while putting the remedies to proper use as they occupy their rightful place in our minds; as possible healing adjuncts, but which, by themselves, will not rid us of Lyme disease. This will enable us to not only be realistic about our healing, but will will save us from disappointment when that new remedy doesn't end up delivering what it promised, or when we don't find relief of symptoms from the treatments our Lyme friends have used.


Sommer said...

Hi connie, I really enjoy reading your blog as I am recovering from Lyme. It is very encouraging and considering this post...very honest. Your blog also contains a great bit of information about Lyme with links... and your humor is great. Thank-you for sharing your wisdom and I look foward to your book! Take Care,
Sommer Nielsen

lemon said...

I agree with you Connie, it's mind over matter, and god over mind. Of course we should try things that might work to some extent, but healing depends mostly on our minds and our attitudes.

wallace said...

Yea I agree which is why I have ordered Ellen white's Ministry of healing rather than say this opus that Scott is plugging
www.radicalmedicine.com at $65!

Life is simple!