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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Problem with Babesia Treatment Recommendations...According To Dr. Schaller

Lyme-literate physician Dr. Schaller, known for his plethora of published books on babesia and bartonella, recently shared with me his opinion about current treatments being used by some LLMD's for the treatment of babesia, and then hinted at what he believes to be a better protocol, based on his extensive investigations, lab trials, and many hours of research on the subject.

First, according to Dr. Schaller, the 1500 mg of Mepron that is typically prescribed by LLMD's to those with babesia usually fails to completely eradicate the infection. So not only is the drug pricey, current doses aren't curative. Although he didn't specify to me what doses would be curative, he alleges that his patients are cured of babesia in nine weeks when he prescribes them doses higher than 1500 mg. So if you want to know more, I would suggest contacting him at his website: www.personalconsult.com. He adds that flavored organic oils made by Fronteir mask the horrible flavor of the drug and increase its absorption.

Likewise, he refutes the notion that Malarone, when combined with another medication, is curative for the infection, stating that no fully blinded trials have ever proven that any combination involving Malarone and other drugs to be effective. What's more, even though it may be cheaper than Mepron, Malarone, according to Schaller, is only a fraction of liquid Mepron's potency.

Furthermore, he contends that the herbs enula and cryptoleptis, while they have proven to be useful, in tests have not proven to be curative, either. Enula's effectiveness has only been based on clinical response, and cryptoleptis has yet to be tested at length in Lyme disease patients.

He also hinted that artemisia, in higher doses than what are most often prescribed, can be curative.

So for now, it seems that Dr. Schaller believes that of the above remedies, only Mepron and perhaps artemisia, in higher doses than those typically prescribed, have proven to be curative for babesia. He didn't disregard the above herbs as useless, but believed that more tests needed to be done to determine just how effective each one of these is for eradicating the disease.


Melissa said...

Connie, I found your blog on babesia very interesting. I have lived with lymes for 20 years now. 5 years undiagnosed, 8 years on treatment 5 years feeling better now 2 years of failing health.
I tell you this because after returning to my lymes MD, I have positive babesia.
I have a LOT of questions from someone before I start the mepron and zithromax.
Are you available or can you refer me to someone else?

Thank you,

Connie Strasheim (aka Killabugger) said...

Hi Melissa,

I'm sorry you've been struggling so long with Lyme disease. I'm not surprised you have babesia; most chronic Lyme sufferers also have babesia, bartonella and other co-infections (though they may not all be active at any one given time, and many people test negative because tests are so flawed).

I can try to answer your questions; however, I am not an expert in antibiotics. I will tell you that I have heard of people who have been on mepron for as long as nine months and relapsed. I don't know the stats on the mepron/zithromax combination. You might consult Dr. Schaller at http://www.hopeacademic.com, as he has written several books on babesia, and could give you the best info. on how to treat with abx. If you have other questions, I will try to answer them. Thanks!

bitten said...

I know Dr. Schaller has a different treatment for Babesia and believes what doctors are prescribing now will not work. Is this an evidence based (patient)treatment protocal and, if so, how many people have used it and how long were they followed after all treatment to insure they did not relapse?

Schaller MD Greetings said...

This is based on recieving many patients who failed smart LL MD's and so we used direct and indirect methods to see if present--some discussed in Babeisia 2009 Update.

Tracked for 1-2 years after first Babesia 2006 book published based on 2004-2005 material.

But there are tricks to see if the 15 Babesia human forms are still in people. None are widely known or used and yet many are based on solid research. You just have to read 1500-2,000 articles.

One correction that was likely my fault with my dear pal, Connie. I DO feel Proguanil (in Malarone) is useful. But not at bird dosing.

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