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Sunday, September 21, 2008

MMS Answers...For Lyme Disease

If you are taking MMS for your Lyme disease and want answers regarding dosing, the product's effectiveness and other related questions, I invite you to check out: http://www.mmsadvisor.com. I discovered this site today when I emailed Jim Humble, the founder of MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement), and received an automated e-mail inviting me to visit this site for answers to my questions.

While Jim has kindly answered emails over the past eight years from those who have taken an interest in his product, he can no longer keep up with the burgeoning plethora of messages that he receives, and so has compiled a site where he has answered questions on MMS and its relation to literally hundreds of different health conditions, including Lyme disease.

I have yet to meet anyone who has been cured of chronic Lyme disease with MMS; however, I know of a handful who have experienced improvements in their symptoms and on the MMS Answers site, Jim writes that he is still experimenting with effective methods for using MMS in chronic Lyme. Currently, he advocates MMS enemas as the best way to take MMS, claiming that the chemical enters blood plasma via the colon and hence, more deeply penetrates the tissues. Surprisingly, intravenous MMS has not proven to be a permanent solution to the problem of chronic Lyme, (but then again, what modality has?).

What I really like about this site, besides the fact that it answers questions about MMS, is that it provides valuable insights into how well MMS seems to be working for different ailments. In reading the answers on Lyme disease, for instance, I inferred that, while MMS can lower infection load, it has not yet been proven to heal chronic Lyme. Conversely, questions about other ailments, such as herpes, demonstrate that MMS can definitively rid the body of such infections, as evidenced by Jim's contention (in the case of herpes, for example) that doses of 15 drops, three times a day, have shown to get rid of the herpes virus.

Take a look at MMS Answers, if you wonder about what this miracle mineral can do for you and your ailments. The site is well-organized and provides good insights into healing using this powerful chemical.


Grateful said...

We are all indebted to Jim Humble for his discovery. Before starting the protocol, I urge you to look into the information posted by the physician who wrote a chapter in Jim's book on the biochemistry of MMS. http://www.bioredox.mysite.com/CLOXhtml/CLOXprot.htm

BuggyKentucky said...

Connie, congratulations on your Wellsphere Health Impact Award. You've earned it and definitely deserve it, lady! Pam W

Connie Strasheim (aka Killabugger) said...

Hi Grateful,

Thank you for sharing this link with readers. I have read it and found it to be interesting.



I did not know I had received an award :) So thank you for letting me know and for your kind words! I do appreciate it!