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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Looking Forward To A New Year of Hope

I regret that I missed wishing you all a very, merry Christmas, but I hope that yours was truly a wonderful one, with joy reigning over Lyme pain and peace over holiday tensions. Although "Happy Holidays" is starting to lose its ring, I figure I can still get a four-day jump on the last holiday of the season (because I'm prone to forgetting later) and wish you all a happy new year!

I know that for some of you, ringing in the new year may be legitimate cause for a pity party, complete with tears and regrets of another year lost to Lyme (instead of champagne and fireworks), but I pray that you would instead have renewed hope for healing, along with gratitude for the good that 2008 gave you (even if that good is just another life lesson), and peace, knowing that the new year will bring new Lyme treatments and with that, greater possibilities for wellness. May you be strengthened by this knowledge and by the community of Lyme sufferers and loved ones that surround you. May you believe in God's great power to heal, especially your spirit, and may you have faith to press on with this difficult journey, knowing that there is purpose and growth through all suffering.

December has been a month of tremendous blessings for me. Thanks to D-ribose and a quantum leap in my spiritual walk, I have had more energy and joy this month than during any other since September, 2004. Being able to sing Christmas carols without collapsing and to indulge in pumpkin pie and fudge without blowing up like an inflatable Santa has made for a happy month, indeed.

At the same time, it has been a month sprinkled with difficulties, as I wonder how I will treat two bulging disks in my lower back (a recent problem that has been a little frustrating for me) and a bunch of babesia critters that still haven't died, despite three years of treatments. (But I am thankful that Fry labs has helped to answer the lingering question that I have had regarding my symptoms).

I now know that even 1600 mg per day of artemisinin won't kill babesia, and I'm preparing for more difficult months ahead as I hit this infection, once again, with twice the ammo that I used before.

But I am optimistic, because if this month I felt well enough to ice-skate and sing and spend many a late night out with friends, I know I will have months like this again, but without the help of D-ribose and the other ten thousand supports I use to stay functional, because I believe the day will come when I no longer have to worry about infections.

Until that day, I continue to believe in my god for healing, peace and prosperity in 2009. May you have hope for these things in your life, too.

Happy New Year!


Renee said...

I am so glad to hear you are feeling better this past month, Connie! Wonderful~ I hope and pray that 2009 brings all of us who walk on this courageous journey peace, and healing.
God bless

aubuchon.david said...

Hi Connie,

Just heads up, I utilize a treatment called prolotherapy for chronic pain. It may be able to help with instability in you spinal cord (or maybe not). It's effectiveness really depends on the skill of the doctor though. It's little known, but has helped me a lot, and could potentially save you from surgery. Let me know if you want more information


Clark said...

What a great update Connie! I am so glad that you had fun with friends and were able to go skating! That's terrific. I am doing better energy wise on some days. It's up and down. Funny thing is that I bought a motorcycle about a week before my symptoms hit me and I have not yet ridden it 10 months later. I'm wondering if I can try it out around some parking lots near my house as I'm starting to get more energy. We'll see. I'm hoping that '09 is the year that I ride my motorcycle. Heh heh.
Continue to improve! Your work is a great help Connie.

Connie Strasheim (aka Killabugger) said...

Hey Renee,

Thanks for your kind wishes. I pray your 2009 brings you wonderful gifts, too! :)



Thanks for your suggestion. I actually discussed this w/ my osteopath and he doesn't feel that it would be beneficial for me. But thanks for sharing!



I hope you will be able to ride your motorcycle next year! Glad to hear you are having some good days. May it continue into 2009!
Thanks for stopping by,


raven said...

Thank you for sharing your optimism with us. I know that the new year is another step closer to being cured, but it's also scary to think of what the new year will bring.

Reading your post helps me feel better about 2009. Thank you.

Wishing you all the best for the new year.

Anonymous said...

Hey Connie I just want to say thanks. I have come to look forward to your updates. You are an inspiration. I have started using D-ribose and have also started seeing an increase in my energy level. It is amazing how much easier it is to tolerate the pain now,and I actually feel human again. I never would have known about this wonderful supplement had it not been for your posts. Now I can look forward to continued improvement in 2009.
Thanks again. Karen