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Greetings and welcome to my Lyme disease blog, a comfy cozy (and sometimes crazy!) place for cutting-edge information, encouragement and insight into the fastest-growing epidemic disease in the United States. In this blog you will find everything from bug-killing strategies to immune system and hormone help, as well as lifestyle and spiritual suggestions for healing from chronic illness involving Lyme disease. The information contained within this blog is based upon my own healing journey and what I have learned over the past eight years as I have been diligently digging and researching my way back to a better state of health. May you find it to be a source of hope, inspiration and wisdom in your own journey towards wellness.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

FREE Sample Chapter from New Lyme Disease Book

Hi Everyone!

For anyone who is interested in getting a closer inside look at my current best-selling book on Lyme disease, entitled, "Insights Into Lyme Disease Treatment: Thirteen Lyme-Literate Health Care Practitioners Share Their Healing Strategies", my publisher has created a link to its first chapter, which we share with you here:


In this chapter, you will learn all about Dr. Steve Harris' approach to treating Lyme disease. Dr. Harris is an ILADS member who has been treating Lyme disease patients for over ten years. His father owns IgeneX labs in Palo Alto, CA.

Because thirteen health care practitioners participated in the book, other approaches to treatment are discussed throughout its pages. These treatments include herbal, plant stem cell and homeopathic remedies, as well as strategies found in energy medicine.

A plethora of information is found in every single chapter of this book, and Dr. Harris' chapter is no exception. It provides those who cannot afford the book with treatment insights that could only be gained by spending two hours interviewing him on the phone (as I did!)

It also provides a sneak preview of the book's contents, for anyone wanting to learn more.

My publisher and I look forward to your thoughts and hope that the chapter will be a blessing to you!


Tamara said...


I love your new book. It truly did give me insights that I had not considered before. Thank you.


wendy said...

My husband was diagnosed with Lyme in July. We think he's had it since 1998, when we thought he had chronic fatigue.

I have been reading your book with him, and am very hopeful that he will get better.

A huge part of this will be working with the right Dr. I don't think we have any LLMD's in Utah, do you know of any?

If there aren't any LLMD's to work with here, do you think one of the Dr's in your book would be willing to consult with a Dr. here to help treat my husband? We have a good Dr., here, but she doesn't know enough about Lyme to treat him.

Also, what success have you had with the photon treatments? Are these a way to cure Lyme?

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