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Monday, October 04, 2010

My Treatment Update

I'm doing well! I had an incredibly difficult summer, marked by a six-week nightmare of symptoms in which I could barely peel myself up off the living room floor, but the prayers of many and getting off Mepron removed the worst of the symptoms (my body had become allergic to Mepron after eight months of treatment!). Over the past six weeks, however, I have returned to an exceptionally good state of health. ART testing reveals that my borrelia, bartonella and other infections are either gone or under control. Of the six or seven species of babesia that I tested positive for via ART and an Asyra machine, only two currently remain in my body. I am now off all antibiotics and am treating babesia and a rikettsia infection with only herbal remedies, including Nutramedix's noni, banderol, and mora. Artemisinin mixed with PhosChol and grapefruit juice (to increase absorption) continue to be important, as well as a variety of supportive supplements.

After this year, I will likely be getting off of the treatment treadmill for awhile. I think I'm nearly done treating the tick-borne infections that have been throwing a party in my body over the past twenty-plus years! At least for now. What I suspect mostly remains for me after this point in my healing journey is repairing my body from the damage that Lyme has caused, especially to my autonomic nervous system and endocrine system. Thankfully, though, life is starting to feel normal again. My excessive need for sleep yet requires me to be efficient with my time, and I still can't get up at 7 AM and climb mountains like most healthy people my age, but I am getting there. Things are good again and I'm believing God "to restore all the years that the locusts have stolen away." (Joel 2:25)


Katherine said...

Praise God!! Rejoicing with you!

rebecca said...

So glad to hear about your recovery. It will give so much hope to those still fighting. I also feel that I have beat this thing, but it was a scary road, wasn't it? I'll never turn my back on it that's for sure! Good luck with all your new projects..I know you'll be a success at whatever you go on to do.
God Bless..

Stacey Kramer said...

This is very great news! So happy for you!

Steven said...

Excited to learn you are feeling better. Babesia seems to be the toughest one to destroy.

Have you tried hydrogen peroxide IV?

I have a magpulser you can borrow, if you want to try it.

Sometimes I think if magpulser worked for Babesia, MRI would be a miracle cure.

Anonymous said...

Curious,are you still seeing Dr. N? Be well!

Connie Strasheim (aka Killabugger) said...

Rebecca, Congratulations on your healing, and thank you for your kind words of encouragement! :)

Thanks also, Stacey, Steven and Anonymous! Wishing you guys all the best in your healing. Steve, I don't think a mag pulser will knock off the rest of these critters, but thanks anyway!

Anonymous, yes I am still seeing Dr. N... Thanks

body lift said...

Really great news. This is like new hope for patients of Lyme. I am happy to know about it.