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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Highlights from "A Deep Look Beyond Lyme"

This past weekend, I attended a seminar entitled, "A Deep Look Beyond Lyme," which was hosted by the Klinghardt Academy for the Healing Arts. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD, was the main presenter. He was joined by a variety of other medical professsionals, including Lyme-literate physician, Susan Marra, ND, and Steven Fry, MD, the founder of Fry Labs in Arizona.

Following are some brief highlights of this event. The statements are shared in no particular order. For more comprehensive information on the seminar, visit: www.klinghardtacademy.com, where DVDs of the presentations can be ordered.

Also, please note, the below information is taken from my personal notes, and there may be some minor mistakes in the content. That said, I have done my best to represent the information in the most accurate manner possible. Also, the information presented does not necessarily reflect my personal opinion, but instead that of the presenters.

You may find this information to be particularly valuable for gaining a larger understanding of the role that Lyme disease plays in chronic illness, as sometimes, Lyme disease and its co-infections are the major player in people's symptom picture, but quite often, they are not. For instance, I have always believed Lyme disease to be only one component of the mess that has comprised my personal suffering, but of course the situation is different for everyone.

So following are my favorite highlights of the conference. Read and enjoy!

*We are 90% microbes. The ratio of microbes to normal cells in the body is 10:1. So as a favorite doctor of mine likes to say, "We are literally walking compost heaps!" Conclusion? Getting rid of all the bugs is neither beneficial nor realistic.

*Our behavior can be determined by our bugs. If we have too many microbes, our thinking can end up being dominated by the microbes within us.

*Microbes live in our bodies in communities. They survive better that way. (Because it's easier to break a finger than a fist).- Dr. Klinghardt

*The sicker people are, the more sexual contact they are likely to have had in their lives (as a result of transferring microbes via sexual transmission).

*According to Dr. Klinghardt, most people's Lyme disease symptoms are not from Lyme. The primary role of Lyme disease is to suppress the immune system so that other bugs and factors can cause symptoms.

*Symptoms of heavy metal toxicity, electromagnetic pollution, mold, and post-traumatic stress disorder can be identical. This is because all of these factors work together synergystically to cause symptoms.

*It's not the toxins or bugs that make us sick, but rather, how they cause our biochemistry to become "stuck"

*A diagnosis of Lyme disease doesn't explain the severity of people's illnesses in the United States because most of the people who live in the black forest in Germany have Lyme disease and are relatively healthy!

*The "messy" syndrome (ie, having a chaotic, messy house) is a hallmark symptom of people with chronic illness involving Lyme!

*Night sweats caused by hormonal changes (not Babesia) can be effectively treated with Vitamin D-3

*Residue from anti-depressants and sedatives stick on receptors in the brain for life, unless the person does aggressive detoxification to remove it. People who have been on such medications tend to have a poorer response to Lyme disease treatments

*How sick people get depends not upon the bugs, but rather, the strength of the body's immune reaction. Therefore, immune modulation is important.

*Many homes in the United States are conducive to mold growth. Homes constructed of plastic and wood grow mold faster than brick homes.

*EMF pollution in the environment is doubling every year. Levels are currently 125 million times greater than they were just 15 years ago. EMF's damage our DNA.

*People with ALS will live much longer in an environment that has low levels of EMF's.

*Treatments that used to be very successful for chronic illness involving Lyme aren't working as well as they used to. These include:

-Bioidentical hormones (People don't respond as well to these)
-Orthomolecular therapy
-Conventional chiropractic treatments

*Treatments that are currently very effective for treating chronic illness involving Lyme disease include:

-dental amalgam removal
-antimicrobial treatments for Lyme and parasites
-gluten free diets
-mold and EMF mitigation
-balancing the bite
-neural and prolotherapy
-Sanum Therapy

*America is ten years ahead of Europe in its toxicity levels (time to move, perhaps?)

*Conventional antibiotics for Lyme disease treatment, when used by themselves, used to be extremely effective. Not anymore.

*Simple remedies used to work wonders for the chronically ill. Not anymore.

*Molds release biotoxins to defend themselves from electromagnetic frequencies. They produce more toxic toxins than mold that isn't exposed to EMF's. This means that the molds and yeasts that people are infected with put out more virulent toxins in the presence of EMF's. Wow!

*Most Lyme patients have aspergillus toxins

*With each passing year, mold toxins will become more and more dangerous, due to increasing levels of EMF's in the environment.

*Balancing the bite is very important, as an imbalanced bite throws off hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal function.

*Ballroom dancing balances the autonomic nervous system!

*Bartonella, a Lyme coinfection, induces the breakdown of an enzyme that breaks down connective tissue (so that we become "comfortable" food for the bugs).

*Leukodynia (white nail spots) which are found in people with KPU (kryptopyrolurria) are caused by a combination of magnesium and zinc deficiencies

*Zinc is a core mineral of white blood cells, so if zinc is lacking in the body, white blood cells become less effective

*Many detoxification enzymes are zinc-dependent

*Lyme (borrelia) doesn't run from white blood cells, but rather, hijacks and takes them over, so that they won't make antibodies to infection

*Chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency (CCSVI) is found in almost all people with chronic Lyme disease. Many neurological problems in Lye disease are due to this problem. Over 200 articles have been published on CCSVI over the past two years. It can be easily corrected, however. (See below for more info. on treatments)

*Neurological diseases are usually vascular diseases. Neuron degeneration is secondary to vascular disease, and results from blockages or constriction of the body's vascular system

*Iron build up in the basal ganglia of the brain is one of the basic problems found in Parkinson's disease

*Heavy metals from dental amalgams leak and affect the surrounding areas of the body: the thyroid, jaw, brain, etc.

*Treatment for CCSVI is as follows:

-Eradicate the infections in the body
-Downregulate the body's immune reaction
-Neural therapy for the neck veins
-Osteopathy to open blocked veins
-For more information on treatments, visit: www.ccsvi-center.de

*Eighty percent of the immune system is housed in the gut-associated lymphoid tissue (GALT). Auto-urine therapy (drinking one's own urine!) downregulates the immune system and positively affects the GALT.

*When patients' symptoms don't resolve, parasites and dental problems are often found to be the two most commonly overlooked areas

*Tooth grinding can be the result of a parasite problem, not TMJ

*Many neurological symptoms are caused by parasites, heavy metals and dental problems (Simon Yu, MD)

*Almost every cancer patient has parasites

*If you can get rid of the body's parasites, other infections often resolve on their own

*Mold, heavy metals and Lyme disease all share symptoms in common. By treating one, you may really be treating another

*The true cause behind people's symptoms is very clouded these days!

*When you reduce heavy metals in the body through chelation, spirochetes tend to come out, because heavy metals keep spirochetes in dormancy. In this way, heavy metals are a treatment of sorts for Lyme!

*All chronic fatigue patients have two things in common: First, viruses aren't their primary reason for fatigue. Rather, parasites and chronic sinus infections are more likely to be a primary cause. Eighty-six percent of people with CFS have parasites.

*Chronic, antibiotic-resistant staph, strep and mold infections in the sinuses produce mycotoxins which enter the hypothalamus and affect its function

*Treatment for these chronic sinus infections include:

-Rinsing the sinuses three times with a Neti pot concoction, comprised of 1/2 tsp salt, 1/2 tsp baking soda, and 1/2 tsp of zylitol. Zylitol bloats microbes.
-Re-setting the immune system in the mucous membranes with auto-urine therapy. When urine is sprayed in the nostrils, four times per day, for three weeks, autoimmune reactions in the nose are neutralized.
-Antimicrobial sprays can also be effective

*Chronic sinusitis is the most overlooked problem that most people have. Low back pain, migraines and fatigue can all be symptoms of sinusitis.

*Neural therapy and inserting a balloon of sorts up the nose (neural cranial restructuring) can reset the cranial bones so that proper air flow is restored to the sinuses and brain, and the rest of the spine aligns with the proprioception of the brain.

*Procaine and Vitamin B12 clear brain fog that results from inflammation

*A traumatic event at birth can cause KPU, in addition to microbes, childhood trauma, and genetic defects

*Inflammation in the jaw and having a limited range of motion in the neck can cause CCSVI

*A bad reaction to DMSA (which is given for removing heavy metals from the body) can be indicative of mold

*Mold and metals always go together

*High dose chlorella (20 tablets, 3-4 times per day, a half hour before bedtime) combined with high doses of fish oil (2 grams or 10 capsules per day), turns on the body's ability to remove mold, and turns on the cells' organelles for detoxification.

*Tapping on either side of the head, above the ears, several times per day, downregulates an overactive immune system

*If water gets into your car, chances are, mold will tend to grow!

*The most reliable lab test to indicate the presence of mold is the C4a. When C4a is elevated, suspect mold.

*Always treat parasites before other infections. They are the most hardy. Also, by treating organisms in order from large to small, you can often treat multiple organisms at once, because parasites and mold (which are larger than bacteria and viruses) tend to harbor these latter organisms.

*Heavy metals protect mold because white blood cells die in the presence of heavy metals.

*Microbes build biofilms, comprised of magnesium, calcium, and heavy metals. Complexing agents, such as chlorella, DMSA and other binders, will break down the heavy metal component of the biofilms, while EDTA will break down the calcium aspect.

*Thirty percent of all people have staph infections in their noses that block the hypothalamus' ability to produce 1/3 of its hormones

*In addition to the above-mentioned neti pot concoction, MarCon nasal spray gets rid of staph infections in the nose.

*Auto-urine therapy will reverse autoimmune processes in the body, including autoimmunity to hormones and neurotransmitters. Drink 1/2 cup of urine in the morning and in the afternoon. Don't use the first morning urine as it's full of toxins, and remember to put a drop of potassium iodide into the urine to preserve it. Do this treatment for three months to reverse autoimmune processes.

*Urine contains the breakdown products of bacteria and other stuff that the immune system has killed. When you reintroduce the broken cell wall products of bacteria, etc. to the body, an immune response is created against those organisms.

*Homeopathic mucosa is also good for treating infections in the nose. Use 10 drops, 3 times per day.

*Bugs use the body's hormones, which is one suspected reason why the body downregulates its hormonal production in chronic illness

*There are four important treatment steps to healing all chronic illnesses:

-Balancing the body's basic biochemistry (Ie, with natural remedies such as niacinamide and berberine for insulin resistance)
-Killing the microbes
-Downregulating the upregulated aspects of the immune system
-Detoxifying the body (especially from biofilms). Biotoxins can exist in the body for years, even after the bugs are gone, which is why it's important to get rid of them. Killing bugs alone isn't sufficient.

*Biofilm communities are complex. Within these communities, bugs communicate with one another. Chronic sinusitis is comprised of biofilms. They exist in other areas of the body, as well. ALS patients have profound biofilm communities

*Steven Fry, MD, believes that CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) can be a prelude to MS, Parkinson's, and other degenerative diseases if not treated

*Most people with Lyme have low serotonin. 5-HTP, theanine, and melatonin can help to increase levels.

*Steven Fry, MD, believes that babesia can probably be transmitted by mosquitoes (DEET anyone?)

*Hypercoagulation is a babesia symptom

*Vitamin D-3 is very important for proper immune function.

*People with chronic Lyme disease and mold don't often make enough anti-diuretic hormone, so they lose their water and tend to become dehydrated. The organs don't work well when the body is dehydrated. Replenishing the body with electrolytes can be helpful.

*Electromagnetic fields activate ROS (reactive oxygen species), which creates oxidative stress, hypercoagulation, and other problems in the body. EMF's are one of the biggest problems of our day. (So somebody please tell "them" to stop putting up more cell phone towers!)

*The body's process of gene transcription is very precise, but random genes get activated by EMF's (ie, cancer genes).

*For information on cell phone towers in your area, visit: www.antennasearch.com

*To protect against EMF's in the home, do all of the following:

-get a Faraday canopy, which filters out 95% of all high frequency EMFs
-switch off the circuit breakers in the house at night
-use an Earthing pad and Earthing bed sheets: www.earthinginstitute.net
-don't use wireless technology in the house
-get rid of your cordless phone, as it uses a pulsed frequency that locks the brain into a small frequency wave, which prohibits it from functioning well

*To help diagnose insulin resistance, check for elevated levels of total cholesterol and LDL triglycerides. Also order a glucose tolerance test from Meridian Valley.

*Treatment for insulin resistance: 1000 mg niacinamide, 500 mg berberine, along with a healthy diet. Biopure makes a tincture called Viressence which contains berberine

*Herpes infections tend to emerge under conditions of insulin resistance

*Vitamin B-3 may be a good antimicrobial remedy for Lyme disease

*Osteoarthritis is a symptom of insulin resistance

*Gut inflammation and damged villi in the intestines (from antibiotics and infections) causes cortisol levels to rise, which stresses the adrenal glands

*All of the body's enzymes function within a narrow pH range. The normal pH of urine is between 6.0-6.4. The normal pH of saliva is between 6.5-6.9. When pH saliva is lower than pH urine, the body may have kidney problems

*Resolving emotional trauma makes the body more pH-balanced

*Electrosmog shuts the kidneys down

*Kidney tests are inadequate for properly diagnosing kidney function

*A good kidney treatment remedy is filtered water with Matrix Minerals (from Biopure)
Bee venom is also a good kidney treatment remedy

*Having a too alkaline state in the body can be worse than having a too acidic body
When the body's pH is extremely alkaline, this indicates serious illness

*Ivermection is an excellent treatment for parasites. It is compounded by Key Pharmacy.



David said...

Very helpful summary. Thanks for writing it up.

I noticed that auto-urine therapy is mentioned several times. At the ART II conference in (I think) 2009, Dr. Klinghardt was really promoting the H6 autonosode remedy, and even stated that it was much better and more effective than the auto-urine therapy. Did he mention any updates in his thinking on the H6 remedy, and is he still using this?


Allison said...


How does one balance one's Jaw? I have Lyme and swear that my jaw is a problem. So much more pain on left side, swollen, serious cognitive stuff.......

Connie Strasheim (aka Killabugger) said...

Hi Allison,

I think there are several things you can do. First, wearing a night guard (a splint that your dentist would make) can align your jaw. www.aqualizer.com also makes a temporary splint you can wear.

Cranial sacral therapy, putting a hot compress on the area, and osteopathy might also relieve the pain.

Also, consider that your pain might be related to another condition called CCSVI (mentioned in the post) or to lymphatic blockage. Keeping the lymphatic system flowing by doing rebounding or taking lymphatic drainage remedies may also help.

Thanks, Connie

Maureen said...

Re: dehydration; L-Ornithine is excellent for this. It reduces the excessive alkalinity by removing ammonia (from toxins/waste etc.) Encourages better systemic functioning so other treatments can be tolerated. Normal dose is 3 to 6 per day. I do up to about 20 per day, especially before bed - helps with sleep (brain is not bathed in 'toxic alkaline soup' which causes anxiety).

Alix said...

It was great to meet you at this conference! I was there, but distracted with my video job, so I missed many of these key Klinghardt statements. Thank you for taking such good notes!

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