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Saturday, June 18, 2011

New Social Network for Young Adults with Neuro-Immune Chronic Illnesses

Nowadays, more young adults are coming down with chronic diseases of all kinds. With the increasing amount of toxins and pathogens in our environment, and the frenetic pace at which many of us live, this is hardly surprising.

Young adults who are chronically ill often face unique challenges which isolate them from their peers. For instance, others may not understand why they look healthy but can't seem to do much, which can make their relationships with their more functional friends challenging. Or they may not be able to participate in many of the same recreational activities as their peers, which leaves them feeling isolated and alone.

But it can also be difficult for young adults to find friends their age in local and online support groups for the chronically ill. So when my friend Joey told me about an on-line group that he was starting for young adults with neuro-immune illness, I thought it was a fabulous idea.

Heal Kick is that group, and www.healkick.com is the website. Heal Kick's philosophy can be found here: http://www.healkick.com/2011/05/04/our-philosophy/

One of its founders describes Heal Kick as: "...a fully functional social network for young adults with neuro-immune chronic illnesses. There are many different conditions represented but quite a large number of the members have chronic Lyme disease."

So if you are a twenty or thirty-something adult with neuro-immune illness, looking for a few friends to relate to, I highly recommend checking out Heal Kick.

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Another good social network is neuros