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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Re-Programming The Subconscious Mind

What you believe can heal you from Lyme or keep you stuck in the mire of illness.
Thoughts that originate from harmful or lie-based belief systems effectuate changes in the autonomic nervous system, which governs the body's response to stress. When these damaging thoughts are pervasive, the ANS gets stuck in high-stress mode, which in turn suppresses the immune system, leading to illness.

While challenging lie-based, or dysfunctional beliefs on a conscious level can contribute towards keeping the ANS in a state of greater calm, research has shown that the subconscious mind exerts a more powerful influence on the body than the conscious mind, and that greater healing can be realized through therapies that bypass the conscious mind, and go straight to the subconscious.

Consider this: You may tell yourself that you want to heal from Lyme and in fact are going to heal from Lyme, but you find yourself doubting despite your verbal affirmation. Why? Your subconscious is quietly refuting your conscious decision. It might be telling you, "You won't heal because you don't deserve good things..." And unlike the conscious mind, it doesn't articulate these words, but they are wrapped up within the cozy confines of dark belief. If the subconscious is more powerful, then, guess which belief wins in the battle against illness?

Don't despair. Therapies which go beyond positive affirmations and counseling exist to help un-do the destructive beliefs of the subconscious. These often don't make much sense to the conscious mind but they speak loudly and profoundly to the mind whose schemes are hidden below the surface. EFT, The Healing Codes, Neural-Emotional Technique, Immune Response Therapy, and binaural beat CD's are some examples of treatments which re-wire the ANS and hence, re-establish immune function, which is good news for Lyme disease sufferers.

Such therapies are especially effective for those who have a history of abuse or trauma, as lie-based thinking may play a greater role in this person's overall symptom picture than Lyme infections.

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