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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Ten Ways To Save Money When You Can't Work

As if you didn't have enough aches and pains without having to deal with the financial burden of illness! Even if you are able to work, chances are, you're spending some nice coinage on treatments, and the stress is intensifying all those aches. What can you do?
Below are some tips for keeping the dough in your pocket.

1. If you have a cell phone, consider a plan with fewer minutes. Console yourself with the thought that cell phones fry your egg like a brain, anyway.

2. Ask yourself if you really need that new supplement, just because everyone else is using it! Chasing after the latest and greatest treatment for Lyme can be borne out of desperation for a cure, not necessity.

3. Stay at home on the weekends and find a good hobby or some friends who don't mind bringing over the hors d'ouvres. If you need a bit of recreation, hit the dollar movies or watch a DVD rental with friends.

4. Whatever you do, don't go out shopping and don't browse Amazon and E-Bay. You're guaranteed to find something you want to buy and your brain is good at playing the justification game. No, you probably don't need that new book. Go to the library instead.

5.Consider that if you go out for coffee or tea with friends once a week, that adds up to $20 per month (You gotta factor in a bit for gas). It's the little purchases that get you in trouble, honest.

6.Find alternatives to your supplements. Stop and ask yourself whether you can do without one or more of them for just a month and rotate them with others so that every capsule gets to sit out a round of treatment.

7.Calculate your monthly shipping cost on Lyme supplements and find out how many of these you can purchase from the same company, to save on postage.

8. Think about how much food you throw away each week. Are you left with wilted veggies six days after going to the supermarket? Stop letting your eyes be bigger than your stomach and get a little bit less next time.

9.If you're able to keep a bit of cash in the bank, consider membership in a credit union as these often pay dividends to folks who keep a minimum balance in a checking or savings account.

10. Consider getting a roommate or two who will be respectful of your need for rest. This can help tremendously with housing costs.

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