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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Healing On All Levels

The longer I walk with illness, the more I understand that to treat it, I must go beyond the physical, and attend to multiple levels of my being in order to achieve overall health.

Above all, healing from physical symptoms cannot happen if the soul is sick. Emotional trauma, unresolved anger, unforgiveness, negativity, depression and anxiety, disconnection from God--where these may or may not be caused by Borrelia colonies--must be attended to, first and foremost.

Next, creating a healthy, loving environment is vital for restoration of health. What this means is minimizing exposure to stressors and toxins, whether these may be an abusive boss, too many responsibilities, chemicals from a power plant, a house filled with mold, or antibiotics in chicken meat. The list encompasses every aspect of living, so think big in this area.

Within the physical realm, it is easier to pay attention to fixing dysfunctions by taking a supplement or pharmaceutical drug. While these may be important, attention to detoxification, a healthy diet, and maintaining an acid-alkaline balance in the body through the former are likewise vital.

Also, consideration ought to be given to the electrical body. Our cells are comprised of energy, and this energy is disrupted when we are constantly exposed to electromagnetic fields. Especially harmful are cellular phones and computers, since people spend so much time on these, although anything you can plug into an outlet is harmful to varying degrees.

Finally, it may be helpful to make a list of the ways in which you'd like to better care for yourself, or to have a few things written down as reminders. For anyone versed in healthcare, the aforementioned may seem obvious to you. What is more difficult is putting into practice all aspects of healing, at all times. It may even be stressful in itself to try to do so, in the beginning. But the more you can incorporate healthful practices into your life, the more they become a way of life which will sustain you in the years to come.


John said...

hi connie, very nice and thoughtful site! i'm in den fur also :) tnx for all the great links, info. and the spirituality you've incorporated, blessings, john

Connie Killabugger said...

What? Another Lymie in Denver? I now know of three! Maybe we should start a club :)
Thanks for your comment, John. Glad you enjoyed the blog.