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Sunday, May 06, 2007

My Gratitude Flower

I had a bizarre dream last night in which an image of a huge, scarlet roselike carnation appeared before my eyes. And then it was as if the voice of God told me to take that flower and carry it around with me all day long, as a reminder to be grateful for the little things in life. Every time I noticed it, I was supposed to thank God for whatever activity I happened to be engaged in at the time, or for whatever thing was set before my eyes.

When I awakened, following my immediate thought of, "What a bizarre dream," was the next thought, "but it wouldn't be such a bad idea in real life to carry around a flower, now would it?" Of course, the idea seemed impractical, since flowers die and in certain situations, I'd probably forget that it was there with me. But then again, what better thing to carry around to remind me to be thankful than a flower? Its scent, beauty, life and delicate nature are all things which require notice, and evoke the beauty of God's creation.

I've often asked God to help me to be grateful for my life throughout Lyme disease. It's easy enough to wake up in the morning and consciously thank Him for five or ten things in my life, but as soon as I'm done with my prayers and headed downstairs for breakfast, the thankfulness often flies out the window. Being constantly reminded to say thank-you for God's blessings through the touch or scent of a flower seems a better way to maintain this attitude, all throughout the day.

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