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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Adrenal Fatigue and Hypothyroidism

When it comes to Lyme, many folks suffer hypothyroidism alongside adrenal fatigue.
But did you know that adrenal fatigue can be the reason for your hypothyroidism?
Yet, it's usually treatment of the former which is given greater attention.

The truth is, cortisol, one of the primary adrenal hormones, is required for thyroid hormone uptake into the cells. So if you're supplementing your thyroid with synthetic or natural thyroid hormone, you may remain hypothyroid, because, in the absence of cortisol, all that thyroid simply floats around your bloodstream, where it goes unused by the body.

Further, thyroid hormone tests are inadequate for determining how much thyroid your body is using, because they only measure how much hormone circulates in the bloodstream. They don't measure what the cells are able to uptake.

By treating the adrenal glands so that cortisol production is increased, some folks have actually found that they are able to reduce the amount of thyroid hormone they take. This is great news for anyone who is frustrated by a sluggish thyroid that refuses to respond to increased dosages of thyroid hormone.


Andrea Runyan said...

thanks for posting this. I didn't know that before.

kirktalon said...

So how do you treat adrenal fatigue?

Adamson said...

I am doing things I wanted to do because I have my energy back. Desiccated bovine thyroid helped me get a new life. In just two weeks, I lost 15 pounds that I haven't lost in three years. I highly recommend it.