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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Improvising The Lyme Regimen --Costa Rica Chapter Three

Improvising my Lyme regimen. I'm getting good at this. It all started last week when I lost my measuring spoons and learned that I really could guestimate the amount of salt/C going into my water bottle. I've been taking the stuff for a year and a half and my taste buds know when I've exceeded my 12 grams.
After two days, I started doing the same with my magnesium, and random dosing didn't feel like the same big deal as it would have back home. Why is that?

More improvisation. Purchasing carrots, celery and cream cheese at the local market so I don't have to eat gallo pinto, that is, rice and beans, or some pastry for breakfast.
Then asking waiters for cooked veggies instead of that same ol', same ol' rice and beans for dinner. It works in some places, even when veggies aren't on the menu. Costa Ricans are happy to oblige if they can, even if it means crossing the road to obtain a few zuchinni for their fussy customer.

And then there's the water pillow, which I packed from home and which has allowed me to sleep just about anywhere. I highly recommend looking into a Mediflow if you travel. You can fill it with as little or as much water as needed. I have found different mattresses require different levels of neck cushioning.
Then you can use hotel pillows as back or between-the-legs support.

Lastly, improvising has meant taking taxis to get around some of the time to save my limbs from pooping out. Thank goodness taxis in Costa Rica cost little more than using the internet!


~Tr@cy~ said...

Wow. What lessons we learn as we take our journeys. I'm at camp and besides my occasional headache, I'm having a blast. I was majorly stressed on Monday, a little better on Tuesday, and felt normal today! Thanks for reminding me that God really is in control. I, like you, have to remember that this fatigue (or pain or whatever!) will only control my life if I let it. Since being here at camp, I was checking my email last night and could not believe all the mail from the "support" groups. I thought... I don't need this. It's a constant back and forth of opinions, but nothing substantial that's really helping me. No, I am to think on "these things" as the Bible says - good things to lift myself up. Not more confusion! I'm not closed to new ideas, but as I've said before, "much learning hath made me mad." I'm glad you made it through the rough time... glad you are making it through. The change has certainly done wonders for me!!! I'm curious, how long do you plan to be there?

Anonymous said...

Hi Connie,

My name is Charley Wiley. You met my brother Steve in Costa Rica and he gave me your blog address. Like you, I've had a nightmare like case of Lyme disease for almost 15 years. I just completed my third month of Samento extract and am finally starting to feel better. Please Google Samento and talk with Derek at myherbs.net for more info. This is not a fluke!

God Bless,


Connie Killabugger said...

Hi Tracy,

I am glad to hear that being away has also been beneficial for you! Praise God!
I am leaving CR today, Aug. 14th. Five weeks here and its been good.


Hi Charley, I am sorry to hear about your Lyme. I think it is good you are seeking healing in alternative medicine. Samento is great. You may need additional herbs or other protocol to support this, but I am glad to hear it is helping so far!
Take care, Connie

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