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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Boosting The Body With Stem Cell Enhancers

Stem cells are remarkable in their ability to maintain and repair the tissue in which they are found. Not only that, but whenever they are called upon for help by the body, many stem cells have the ability to become whatever type of cell the body happens to need, whether that be a liver, heart or kidney cell. Reservoirs of stem cells are found in certain organs and tissues, and stem cell enhancers are designed to enhance their release from these tissues so that parts of the body become more quickly regenerated and/or repaired.

Since Lyme destroys organs and tissues, a product that would enable the body to more quickly fix the mess left behind by Borrelia seems promising.

Stem Tech Health Sciences has developed one such product, StemEnhance, a botanical extract designed to release stem cells from bone marrow, where they circulate and are utilized according to the body's needs. Studies have shown a boost in circulation in stem cells in the body by up to 30% with this product.

A few Lyme disease sufferers have been using StemEnhance as of late and have experienced reduction in their symptoms.
While data on its long-term effects as a helpful healing adjunct for Lyme disease is unknown,
the preliminary results of its use are encouraging.
Assuming, amongst other things, that StemEnhance can continuously deliver on its promise to render more effective the body's use of stem cells, as how this is done is somewhat of a mystery.

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