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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Fun House Monster

The Fun House Monster moved into my brain about five years ago, right alongside Lyme disease. It came to dominate my thought patterns, and used to stand me in front of its favorite fun-house mirror, where I would see myself, others and life in a distorted light.

The Fun House Monster shouted "Boo!" at every turn, leaving me paranoid over events that for "normal" folks would have carried little or no emotional charge. It took me on wild rides of irrationality and rage, and caused me to believe that others were out to get me. It put me on a merry-go-round of emotions, up and down, up and down, until I wondered if I was becoming bi-polar. Another one of its favorite pastimes was taking me on its rollercoaster, where I lived constantly on fast forward, fearful of dying, and the rising and falling of emotions was so intense that some days, I thought my brain would fall out of my body and my body out of my brain.

Fortunately, as I have treated my Lyme disease over the past three years, the Fun House Monster has become less influential in its ability to take me for a ride. As I have detoxified my body of Lyme and co-infections, as I have dealt with the phantoms of my past, my reason has grown more powerful, my emotions more stable, and as a result, the monster hasn't been able to drag me in front of its fun-house mirrors as it used to. It can't coax me onto the rollercoaster, and the nauseating merry-go-round visits are becoming infrequent. As I heal and spend less time in the fun park that isn't so much fun, I'm able to replace the monster's fun house mirror with my own mirror of truth, which doesn't distort and twist events and my relationships with others in a bizarre, rediculous way. Instead, it presents a more rational, kind world, with people who are more loveable (including myself) and a God who is more loving. And the longer I'm able to keep the Fun House Monster at bay, the more I see the world as I believe my Creator intended for me to see it.

If, on some days you feel you've entered the Loony Toones theme park with a Fun House Monster for your guide, take heart--your mind can heal as you treat your Lyme disease, and the beast will one day leave your brain--for good.


heather. said...

hi connie,

i'm wondering how your IRT treatment is going so far? do you feel it's helping you? i'm signed up for the next lyme group at the end of october, and i'd love to know your thoughts about the program.

thanks so much,

Connie Killabugger said...


IRT has helped me tremendously. I know Gary and his staff personally, and they are good, honest people who have helped many others.

Good luck!

~Tr@cy~ said...

The FH Monster has visited me lots of times... pure torture. Glad you are feeling better.