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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Adressing Spiritual, Emotional and Physical Components of Illness Through Quantum Techniques

Did you know that emotional trauma, dark spiritual energy, and infections go hand-in-hand? That the body’s organs and tissues are capable of holding cellular memories of emotional trauma, and that it’s not just the domain of the brain? Are you aware that bugs are fond of congregating in spaces where the body holds such trauma and that unless the trauma is addressed, then the body cannot, or will not, release these pathogens? Further, did you know that dark spiritual energy is thought to attach to pathogens and trauma, and that only by speaking words of God’s love and power will it leave? Have you ever considered that you might not be healing because of a problem in the spiritual realm?

Bear with me here. I know some of this might sound far-fetched or the result of erratic speculation, but just ask yourself; why shouldn’t it be possible for your liver to hold anger over a traumatic event in your life? If a grouping of cells in your brain is capable of storing memories, then why shouldn’t a grouping someplace else in your body do the same? If you believe that good and evil spirits co-exist in the world, or if you believe simply that higher and lower frequencies of energy exist, then why shouldn’t the darkness, or lower energies, be drawn to that which destroys? (Ie, pathogens in the human body). Would it be so difficult to conceive that evil is fond of dark emotions, such as rage, guilt and shame, and tends to hang around wherever these are present? I’m not saying that these emotions are always bad; however, when prolonged, they tend to wreak havoc in our bodies. Should it not be conceivable that our bodies hold on to infections if there exists a subconscious motivation to do so? The mind is a powerful thing. Few would dispute the belief that we can heal our bodies with our minds. So taking that a step further, why shouldn't it be possible for blocking beliefs to keep our organs and tissues from releasing pathogens?

The abovementioned theories are integrated into the practice of Quantum Techniques, an energy medicine-based protocol that addresses the physical, spiritual and emotional components of illness, on a level that goes above and beyond the cognitive and obvious. Through muscle-testing, practitioners discern what infections the body harbors, as well as the what and where of emotional trauma and negative spiritual attachments that keep a person from health. By addressing all of these, a more complete recovery can be realized.

Yes, some folks heal from Lyme disease by staying within the physical realm of illness. But if you’ve been throwing all kinds of remedies at Borrelia with limited success, then consider a protocol such as Quantum Techniques, to address any underlying spiritual or emotional blocks to healing. It may be well-worth the money spent.

Personally, I have had dramatic results with QT. My practitioner has discerned emotional traumas held in my tissues, the result of lifetime experiences that only I could have known about. I have also experienced herxheimer reactions and subsequent improvement in symptoms at times when my healer and I command spiritual darkness to leave.

And how is all of this done? You might ask. Through the use of words and by programming codes into the body’s meridians. It’s quite simple, and yet remarkably powerful.


Lemon said...

Thanks Connie, I will check that out. I already believe every thing you said. Mainstream medicine is totally in the dark about all this stuff, and MDs would just laugh if we mentioned evil spirits.

But it's all true. They had a better understanding of some aspects of disease in the "dark ages" than we do now. But things do seem to be changing and there seems to be more openness about energy medicine now.

Mind is everything, faith is everything.

I was feeling angry at God just before I read your post, and I asked why he has decided to torture me.

But I had a lot of childhood traumas that I'm sure contributed to my getting fibromyalgia and, more recently, Lyme disease.

I was so outraged that I could get another disease when I already had suffered so much. But it's all probably related. My spine is unbalanced from emotional trauma, and a car accident. This causes muscle tension and blocked life energy, which lets in the bad spirits.

I have been too focused on feeling sorry for myself, which leads to resentment and anger, and loss of faith. I might as well put up a "Welcome, come right in" sign for the bad spirits.

You are so absolutely right, everything you just said, and thank you for reminding me of what I know so well but have been forgetting.

Connie Killabugger said...


I can relate to being angry with God. I think it's only normal to feel this way sometimes. In our humanity, we don't understand why, if God is sovereign, He doesn't simply breathe some supernatural healing air over us and right all the wrongs in our body.
And especially when we have already suffered sooo much! It's as if we think that finally, we are entitled to some comfort, after all we have been through. There are no easy answers, but I hope you can find some comfort in knowing that others, including myself, have been there, too, and that God understands. I think the important thing is that we just keep seeking Him and asking Him to give us peace to accept where we are at, and to help us to realize that He loves us, despite how we feel.
And no matter how hurt we are, you are right in that if we put up a welcome sign for negative influences to enter our lives, then this will not help us to heal, either.
I wish you well in your healing and will say a prayer for you today!