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Monday, March 31, 2008

Chelorex for Heavy Metal Chelation

Wouldn't it be delightful if there were an all-natural heavy metal detoxification product capable of penetrating ALL areas of the body? I mean, we have chlorella, which binds metals, but isn't so great at mobilizing them. It can't reach intracellular metals, neither can it cross the blood-brain barrier. Then there's cilantro, which is a super-star metal mobilizer, but poor binder. It can move metals out of the brain and CNS but then it just sort of leaves 'em out there, with nowhere to go but another area of the body. (Oh dear!). DMSA and DMPS can chelate metals effectively, but these are synthetic products that are hard on the body and which have side effects. Since we are bombarded daily by heavy metals, we really need a product that we can take long-term, without these problems.

Oh wait, but there is a product! I had forgotten about it up until now. And the great news about it is that it contains lots of amazing stuff to assist the body with heavy metal chelation. It's name is Chelorex, and in addition to cilantro and chlorella, it contains alpha-lipoic acid, the only other heavy metal mobilizer found in nature, besides cilantro, that is capable of penetrating the blood-brain barrier. These three items, when taken together, effectively mobilize, bind and excrete metals from all areas of the body.

But just to make sure, the makers of Chelorex added other ingredients to assist cilantro, chlorella and alpha-lipoic acid with the mobilize-bind-excretion process. These include: magnesium, selenium, and zinc, which enhance detox reactions and reduce the toxicity of metals; vitamin C, which promotes the excretion of metals; taurine, which enhances biliary excretion, protects the CNS and blood cells from metal damage; MSM, which increases cell wall permeability so that treatments can penetrate cells; L-glutamine, which restores and preserves gastro-intestinal function, as it contributes to the production of glutathione, and NAC (N-acetyl-cysteine), which increases glutathione and aids in chelation. Glutathione is important for chelation because it helps the liver to process toxins; it also binds metals and mops up free radicals caused by these, as do many of the above. All of these substances, when taken together, render heavy metal detoxification more efficient, while protecting the body from damage done by metals.

Chelorex has been tested at length on at least 150 people, with excellent results. That said, one of the methods used to evaluate metal levels in the individuals was hair analysis; and while hair analysis is thought to be one of the most effective ways to measure heavy metals in the body, it is yet fallible. It cannot measure metal levels deep in the body's tissues, and hence, the reliability of these results may be questionable. Urine and feces tests were also undertaken, and test subjects demonstrated a significant reduction in metal levels, but these tests also have their limitations. Further, the makers of Chelorex, Sciene Formulas, www.scienceformulas.com, suggest that a significant portion of a person's overall body burden of metals can be removed in just 90 doses. While they do not explicitly state that 90 doses is sufficient for everyone, I have to wonder if 90 doses is sufficient for anyone? While I would like to think that this could be, I have been performing heavy metal chelation using chlorella and cilantro for several years, and my heavy metal levels are yet high. In addition, one of my healthcare practitioners who trained under LLMD Dietrich Klinghardt believes that heavy metal chelation takes years, not months.

Yet, it is noteworthy that Science Formulas has taken the trouble to extensively test its product and has achieved some possibly remarkable outcomes, notwithstanding the limitations of its testing. Also, the contents of Chelorex lend stong credibility to its effectiveness. It is well-known that cilantro, chlorella and alpha-lipoic acid are extremely effective when taken together, and what a great convenience that these can now be purchased together in one product! At approximately 80$ per month (give or take ten bucks, depending upon your weight!) for an intensive chelation protocol, this product is not inexpensive, but the recommended maintenance doses, once your heavy metal levels are under control, can make it affordable over the long haul.


Anonymous said...

just curious, have you given any thought to trying the chelorex instead of what your currently using?

Connie Strasheim (aka Killabugger) said...

Indeed, I have! I am just too broke at the moment to be able to afford it. It sits there in my mind, however, as a worthy product to try.
Hopefully, one of these days soon :)
Thanks, Connie