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Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Big Deal About EMF's and Solutions for Greater Health

I know about the damaging effects that cell phones and other EMF devices have upon the body. I am aware that electromagnetic frequencies alter cellular behavior. So why am I so dismissive about that huge fan in my bedroom which I turn on at night to drown out the noise of my neighbor who is apparently too deaf to turn his television down a few decibels?

In a blog post that I wrote last year on EMF's, I mentioned that we tend to spend less time and energy eliminating EMF's than other toxins from our lives, because the damage done by EMF's is generally harder to measure and quantify and, let's face it--out of sight, out of mind. You can't see EMF's, so they might as well not be a threat. Maybe that's why I'm so nonchalant about the fan. (Although, I once recall my sister (who used to live in Italy) telling me that Italians don't use fans because they believe that they make people sick! I wonder if the EMF's have something to do with that belief).

Sure, perhaps we realize that sitting in front of our computers for ten hours gives us a headache, but do we really know how much damage they are doing to our bodies?

At the LIA Conference in June, during his speech, Dr. Klinghardt, M.D., demonstrated the use of a device that measures EMF levels. He switched it on, measured the energy in the room where we, the conferees were sitting, and declared that the EMF levels were so high, that if a pregnant woman were to sleep in that room for nine months, her baby would be born with autism (because EMF's have been found to be a significant contributing factor in autism). No wonder I had a headache all week in that room.

Yes, the wise doc, with his demonstration, had once again reminded me that EMF's are a big deal! Some physicians, like Dr. Klinghardt, would probably say that exposure to them can even make or break a person's recovery from Lyme disease.

So what can we do? Like me, you probably have to work on a computer at least part of the day, and since we ALL love the internet (sicko junkies that we are), I'll start my list with a suggestion to use DSL instead of wireless internet, as wireless internet emits high levels of EMF's. Sticking a diode on the back of your computer, close to the power connection source, will help to mitigate the effects of EMF's from your computer itself.

Now go to your body, and exchange that lovely heart pendant you're wearing (I know your dear beloved Aunt Lulu gave it to you for Christmas, but try taking it off until your body is a bit stronger) for an EMF pendant, such as the Ener-CHI-Zer, found at: www.stairwaytohealth.com. These pendants ward off EMF frequencies by creating a protective shield around your body.

You can also purchase diodes for other electrical appliances, such as cell phones. I got one for mine about a year ago, and the thing has since turned brown and crinkled at the edges. I wonder if that would have been my brain--brown and crinkled--had I not purchased that $30.00 piece of Wonder Sticker.

In his presentation, Dr. Klinghardt also emphasized unplugging appliances in the bedroom at night and turning off other devices (such as computers) wherever possible. Since the body re-generates at night, it is especially important to get rid of EMF's in your sleeping quarters. For those who really have trouble with EMF's, he also advocates investing in a Faraday cage. These "cages", which are a huge piece of fabric that you drape over your bed posts to make a canopy of sorts, act a shield against EMF's.

So I guess I need to get rid of my fan, and especially since one study I read presented evidence that the greater the oscillation of a device, the more damaging the EMF's from that device. So hairdryers, blenders and fans...not good. Since my neighbor is deaf and has rejected my pleas to turn down his television, either I learn to live with the nighttime noise, or I find another home. Or maybe I could just keep the fan and use it for emergencies, such as when my neighbor has found a 2:00 AM flick that he's really into...

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