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Monday, July 14, 2008

New Herbal Product For Babesia and Parasites

Over the past few days, I've had the strangest herx. Strange for me, anyway. I never get sore throats and pressure in my ears and head as the result of bug-killing strategies, but I'm kind of glad that I feel like I'm underwater, because it's a clear sign that the artemisia-clove sample that I took the other day is kicking some major bug butt.

Made by BioRay, Artemisia and Clove is a broad spectrum anti-parasitic combination herbal remedy that may also be effective against babesia. I don't know what it killed in my body, but it sure got some nasty little bug, that's for sure.

And no wonder. There's more to this product than just artemisia and clove. It also contains olive leaf (a potent anti-viral, since parasites are like the Russian-doll factor, and when you kill them, bacteria and viruses often emerge), green walnut hull, grapefruit seed extract, red clover, hericium and wild American ginseng. Two varieties of artemisia are used, including artemesia annua vera and artemisia absyntium (wormwood). It's potent stuff, but supposedly a few of the ingredients (probably grapefruit seed and ginseng) have been included to help the body deal with any toxic effects from the product, as well as pathogen by-products.

I have not tested it at length, but the response I got after my single dose of the stuff makes me wonder what effects it has upon babesia, when taken long-term. Because anti-parasitic formulas tend to be powerful, however, it may not be advisable to take Artemisia and Clove long-term. Then again, and as I have mentioned in earlier blog posts this month, current herbal and antibiotic regimens for babesia haven't been working that well, so perhaps it's time to try something new.

1 comment:

Sonya said...

I am on my 3rd bottle of this. I used 2 bottles about a year ago. I decided to step things up recently & started another bottle. I am only up to 15 drops twice per day. I feel EXACTLY the same way you do. A bit under water with the head & ear pressure. ODD. I am glad. I recently stopped my IV Rocephin to try to hit some more natural protocols & I was concerned I was worsening. However I was thinking it may just be some killing of some other bugs going on. Glad I found your post! Thanks!

I'm sure you don't remember your dose, however, if you do (it was 3 years ago, I know) let me know.