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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Why Sequential Homeopathy May Be Better Than Antibiotics

Homeopathy seems to be one of the in-vogue Lyme treatments of 2008, and perhaps rightfully so. I haven't personally known anyone who has completely healed from Lyme disease with homeopathy, but that doesn't mean it can't cure a person, or that it is less effective than other remedies.

Homeopathy has several advantages, which make it a potentially preferable treatment to pharmaceutical antibiotics. First, there are no harmful side effects! No candida, no immune suppression. By the way, yeast overgrowth as a result of antibiotics is a BIG deal. If you have candida in your gut, you won't properly metabolize your food, and you will create an environment in which other kinds of pathogens can flourish. And how in the world is your immune system ever supposed to fight Lyme disease if it doesn't have the nutrients it needs to function properly, and it has to waste resources on fighting candida?

The second advantage that homeopathy has over pharmaceutical drugs is that it doesn't turn your current bugs into Super Bugs. Medications, while they may kill some of the critters, only damages the cell walls of others, which makes the bugs MAD. They don't like holes being punched in their armor, and may respond by clothing themselves in biofilm armor, or becoming more virulent in some other way so that the antibiotics no longer become a threat. It is partly for this reason that antibiotics in Lyme disease patients must be consistently rotated, and even then, this doesn't always solve the problem. Evidence shows that bacteria, even when exposed to just ONE kind of antibiotic, can subsequently develop immunity to multiple antibiotics. That is scary. Perhaps it is also why those who have chosen to take antibiotics often relapse. Furthermore, we have no evidence that Lyme disease is completely eradicated by antibiotics. We may be trying to kill the un-killable, which may make homeopathy a better choice.

What's more, homeopathy addresses healing on a holistic level, since remedies can be designed not only for borrelia and other infections, but also for the detoxification of heavy metals and chemicals; for addressing physical and emotional traumas, and most factors that contribute to a person's overall symptom picture.

Classical homeopathy has typically been the basis for all homeopathic approaches. It uses a single, perfectly matched remedy as a means of addressing all of a sufferer's ills, while supporting his or her innate "constitution." A different type of homeopathy, however, used by the Homeopathy Center of Houston, called Sequential Homeopathy, while it also supports a person's innate "constitution", views illness as a series of layers that needs to be treated with various remedies, rather than just one, as is typically the case in classical homeopathy. Furthermore, because illness also results from blocks to healing, such as emotional trauma, these must be dealt with in order for other remedies to effectively work. The Homeopathy Center of Houston believes that each "layer" of illness--whether an infection, toxin or trauma--should be healed at the moment when it presents itself, or when the body is ready to deal with that issue.

For this reason, Sequential Homeopathy (as all other Lyme disease treatments) is a process that requires months of treatments, in order for symptoms to be eradicated. But, unlike antibiotics (for some, anyway) homeopathy is about true healing, not managing and living with the symptoms of illness.

Pharmaceutical antibiotics may be important for some Lyme disease sufferers; however, if you haven't used them, and are contemplating treating Lyme with either antibiotics or homeopathy, I encourage you to try the latter first, as it is less harmful to the body, and its effects, more permanent. The moment you decide to take antibiotics, you incur the potential of turning your bugs into Super Bugs, at the same time that you risk damage to your gut and immune system.


Anonymous said...

I copied this from May 2008 Prevention magazine. I don't know if it would work with Lyme and co-infections (I know they are all very complicated bacteria) but I found it interesting...“Scientists at Britain’s John Innes Centre have proven that taking a short strand of DNA within MRSA and other superbugs and placing it in existing antibiotics can wipe out antibiotic resistance.”

I've been a long time reader but have only posted once before. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Best wishes to you.


Anonymous said...

How do we know homeopathy doesn't create superbugs? I wonder if these bugs can mutate in response to ANY threat even the native immune system. I can't see how they could mutate toward rife treatment, but maybe.


Connie Strasheim (aka Killabugger) said...

Hi Kim,

Thanks for your comment. I have not read this before. It is interesting; however, I would think that we would have to know what all of the super bugs are in a person's body in order for this to work, which might be difficult if an organism shares its DNA with multiple others.
It is an interesting theory, though. It would be great to see how it works out in practice.
Take care,


Hey Bryan,

Yes, I think bugs can resist the human immune system, but that resistance becomes even greater when faced with an external threat; ie, abx. It has been extensively documented that bugs turn into more powerful creatures when faced with abx. Why abx specifically? Drugs are typically synthesized using only ONE active component of the plant or organism from which they are derived, and it is thought that bacteria, having to contend with only one component of a substance, rather than, say the multi-faceted components of an herb or the complex inter-workings of the immune system, can hence more easily develop resistance to drugs.
They only have to alter their genetic makeup to account for that one substance-an easier feat than contending with, say, an herb that contains multiple healing substances.
I don't know why bugs shouldn't be able to adapt to homeopathy--perhaps they can, but b/c homeopathy is about getting the body to do what it's supposed to do, rather than outright killing the organisms, perhaps the threat isn't perceived by the bugs. If it is, they may be more defenseless against it because the immune system now knows what it's supposed to do. I don't know the answer to this question--I'm only speculating here, but I can tell you this: there exists mountains of evidence which demonstrate that abx create super bugs, but I have yet to find evidence that homeopathy does the same.
Hope this answers your question :)

Anonymous said...


Will you try homeopathy?? I have been wanting to, btu am so ill I dont know if it is possible for me.

Connie Strasheim (aka Killabugger) said...


If you are very ill, I think homeopathy would actually be an excellent choice for you, as it tends to be gentler than a lot of treatments. I have not tried it at length yet, but may decide to at some stage. I'll be sure to post my results if I do.

Peter.r.davidson@gmail.com said...

The reason homeopathy does not have side effects is because it does not have any effects at all.

Homeopathy treatments are *extremely* diluted samples of chemicals/minerals/plant extracts. Homeopaths believe that diluting and succussing (read shaking) these extracts causes the 'memory' of the chemical is stored in the molecules of the water/pill while removing the side effects.

(from homeopathy's thoroughly cited wikipedia article)
"Homeopathy's efficacy beyond the placebo effect is unsupported by the collective weight of scientific and clinical evidence."

Please use your money and time wisely.