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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Color Therapy For Balancing The Body

BioTools For Wellness (http://www.biotoolsforwellness.com), has some intriguing gadgets for healing the body. I was browsing their winter catalog today, and found all sorts of cool stuff, from lymph massagers, to ionic footbaths, to chi and ozone machines. One of the devices, called the Photon Wave, particularly interested me.
This device uses color light therapy to stimulate the optic nerve, which then theoretically sends information to the hypothalamus where it effectuates changes for physical and emotional well-being.

Research has shown that different organs in our bodies are affected by different colors, as is our emotional well-being. Color therapy has proven to be beneficial for healing depression, emotional blocks, pain, immune dysfunction, sleep, trauma and other maladies. The Photon Wave uses color to theoretically heal these and other mental conditions such as ADD, ADHD and seasonal depression. It is also used to balance the autonomic nervous system, as those with Lyme often suffer from imbalances in this area. The color blue, for instance, supports the parasympathetic nervous system (the involuntary "rest and digest" functions of the body), while the color red supports the sympathetic nervous system (the "fight or flight" or "get up and go" involuntary functions of the body).

I think it would be great to own a Photon Wave machine. Most Lyme sufferers, however, cannot afford such devices or even appointments with the practitioners who use them, but there are other ways to use color therapy to achieve some of the aforementioned benefits that the Photon Wave device provides.

Some benefits of color therapy can be achieved, for example, by simply wearing cheap cardboard glasses with tinted lenses. Or by wearing colors to induce an intended state of being; for instance, yellow for happiness, or pink for compassion.

Color therapy, or Chromotherapy, has its basis in energy medicine. Every color in the rainbow contains an electromagnetic frequency which positively affects the body and mind. By harnessing the energy of colors, the energy of the body can be altered, too.

By adding color to your wardrobe, painting your walls, using colorful bath crystals, or simply adding color to your life in different ways, it is thought by some that changes to the mind and body can be realized. Even visualizations using color: http://healing.about.com/od/chakrameditate/a/chakrabath.htm, can have powerful effects upon the body.

What's more, consider that white light, which comprises all the colors of the rainbow, is often associated with divinity. Would it not make sense for God's light to encompass all of the positive healing properties found in the different colors of the spectrum? I find the connection to be intriguing.

Only the color black has not been associated with healing. In fact, black tends to bring on feelings of depression, and a health care practitioner once told me that wearing black over the belly button suppresses the parasympathetic nervous system. In religion, black is often associated with evil and darkness. Don't get me wrong; I love the color black! But apparently, it isn't the most beneficial color for your immune system.

So get some color into your Lyme life; it may boost your immune system in ways you hadn't thought of before. And if your pocketbook allows for a few luxury items to help you heal, I invite you to check out BioTools for Wellness; they have some pretty neat devices for healing and detoxification.


Renee said...

I think there is something to how color affects us, too. I have always liked the fall colors ~ especially the browns, rusts, golds and greens and have started having more of those colors in my sanctuary space. It makes me smile ~ and I also like the soothing color of ivory. I have no clue how these colors affect my brain ~ although with your article I am learning ~ but I do know how colors affect my mood...and seasons do too. My favorite thing to see in the dead of winter when everything is in shades of grey, is a cardinal ~ just that bit of color brightens the day.
Have you tried asking your body with muscle testing what colors it likes? WOnder if it is different for everyone.

Connie Strasheim (aka Killabugger) said...

Hi Renee,

I love the fall colors, too! Especially out east! I am missing that here in Costa Rica (although here there is plenty of green, which is pretty, too).

How special to see a cardinal in the dead of winter! The contrast must be amazing.

I haven't muscle tested my body, and I don't know whether colors affect people differently. It would seem so, although the articles I have come across state that every color induces a certain state of being.

You know what, when I was researching this post, I reflected upon the fact that my wardrobe is full of black and white! I have a couple of pinks and blues but little else. It made me think that I need to stop seeing the world in black and white (ha ha!).

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. May the fall color inspire you in your writing! (BTW, did you ever figure out how to do the links for your blog? If not, let me know and I'll try to help again).

Take care,


Mind Body Shop said...

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wallace said...

Also eat a rainbow diet! with lots of herbs and spices for good measure!


Renee said...

Hi Again Connie
I did not figure out how to publish my articles on my blog, so I have posted them and have them under my Labels as Articles so that they are available for people if they wish.
Hope you are doing well!

Groupdmt said...

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