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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What's Working In The Lyme World?

Wouldn't it be nice if somebody funded research that would help determine which Lyme disease treatments are working for people, and which aren't? Yes, I know, such a study is about as likely as spirochetes sprinting over the full moon but I still have hopes. (Speaking of full moon, how y'all feelin'? It's that time of month, you know).

It would just be nice to have some stats on treatments before a full-on Borrelia takeover happens worldwide. Unfortunately (and fortunately) when people actually do get better from this thing, it seems the last thing they want to do is spend time on Lyme disease forums and other Lyme hangouts to tell people, "Guess what! I'm healed!" So nobody knows what works and what doesn't.

I get around a fair amount in the Lyme disease community and yet I only know of a handful of people who are in remission from this disease or close to it. These people used protocol that have not necessarily worked well for others, which indicates that response to treatment isn't solely dependent upon protocol used. Biochemistry, infection type and loads, as well as patient adherence to protocol, are just some of the factors that influence how well different treatments work.

Putting these variables aside, however, and supposing we focus solely on treatments that eradicate borrelia and the most common co-infections, is it possible that there exists a strategy that is effective for a majority of Lyme sufferers? Would it be pharmaceutical antibiotics, herbs, or therapies found in energy medicine? How about the newer strategies, such as MMS or the Bionic 880, a bio-photon device from Germany?

If you read my blog, chances are, you aren't healed from Lyme disease, but maybe you consider yourself to be 70-90% better, or you know of others who have been healed of Lyme by certain protocol. If so, I would like to hear from you! I want to give my readers the most accurate and up-to-date information on what strategies are working in the Lyme disease community, and right now, the only way we know what works is by what we hear from others who have been healed or from Lyme disease health care practitioners. If you are an LLMD and you are using a protocol that is healing people, I would especially appreciate hearing from you!

You can post your testimonial here or email me privately at: connie9824@msn.com.
Thanks for your consideration and for helping me to make this blog a better place for others; a place where truth resides (hopefully!) and where real remedies for healing are offered.

Oh yeah, and what has worked for me? You want to know. I wouldn't swear my infections are all gone or into remission, but the big ones, according to preliminary bio-energetic and muscle testing, are supposedly not causing me problems right now. I am, however, still symptomatic for other reasons. As far as the infections, a combination of three different strategies found in energy medicine have been most beneficial for me. Herbs and MMS may have also helped to move things along. Don't you wish it could be just cut and dry with this thing? (Sigh). I know, me too!


wallace said...

Diet has to play a big part of it dont you think?

Why is lyme unknown in certain parts of the world?

On herbs I am surprised that more people havent benefitted from the Buhner protocol? I had real problems taking the dosages suggested but he should be given credit as Singleton rightly does in his book.

I do feel Buhner doesnt give enough attention to hot herbs though.

To some extent people get beter and honestly they have no idea why but try and be helpful for the rest of us like yourself for example?!

I think Ken Singletons remark in his book that we should eat plenty of curcumin and garlic is a sound one. Also both himself and Shoemaker argue plenty of herbs and spices are good for you.

On curcumin I have read that you should take it with olive oil and black pepper.

I am eating a lot of curcumin(and garlic!) at the moment and feel Singleton is right to single these two foods out.

Get the basics right first!

Do you follow Singletons diet?

Cancer books by david sevan schrieber and Richard Beliveau give a detailed resume of what foods are best but with lyme obviously its slightely different. But they say similar things to Singleton but with a lot more research to back up their dietary ideas.

Anyway getting your diet right is important.

Attitude also is important a nice book is Healthy at 100 by John Robbins www.healthat100.org where you can read the first chapter.

I am surprised you know of so few people who have recovered.

What about all those salt/C miracles we were told about???

One person I know who did put it down to psychotherapy technique called the Lightening process. Thinking about it now I think it may have been because he was half Indian and no doubt ate a lot of turmeric!

I hope you get some replies!!!


Connie Strasheim (aka Killabugger) said...

Hi Wallace,

Yes, diet is huge, along with other factors. I agree that it's not just what kind of bug-killing strategy you do for Lyme, but how you address other toxins and issues such as diet.

I don't know how many have benefited from the Buhner protocol, but it would be good to hear more from people on this one. Personally, I know of one for whom it worked really well, but so far, I don't think there is ANY one single strategy that seems to be "it" for everyone.

I think because many of us have tried so many different treatments, it may also be hard to discern which ones have worked the best for us, esp. if each treatment seemed to help a little, but none was a panacea. Still I have hopes that there is something out there that has a better track record than the other stuff.

How has the garlic been working for you? I agree with what you say about spices. Plus they make dishes more interesting!
One of the most delicious dishes I make-and simple, as I am no cook-involves putting cucumin on feta cheese and zucchini, then sauteeing it.

My diet tends to be stricter than what Dr. Singleton advocates, however, but that's because I know what I can tolerate and what I can't. I am susceptible to blood sugar swings (as a result of weak adrenals) so I stay off starchy veggies and grains. I think a Lyme sufferer's diet needs to be tailored somewhat to the individual, but I think most LLMD's are in agreement about keeping the carbs low, since they feed the bugs and cause inflammation.

I hope I didn't sound discouraging in my post when I mentioned that I don't know of many who are fully recovered from Lyme. I should point out that just b/c I don't personally know a lot of people who are totally healed, that this doesn't mean that they aren't out there. Like I said, I think people tend to go away from Lyme groups and such when they get well. Who knows!

I also think that chronic Lyme, like other chronic illnesses, is largely a product of multiple toxins, and especially emotional trauma. Many, many people with chronic illness have a significant amount of trauma in their past. And yes, while we all have had traumatic experiences, some have suffered more of it, or are sensitive to it, and therefore, are susceptible to illness. Reader's Digest once did a study and found that eighty percent of chronic fatigue sufferers are women, and the theory was that this was because physiologically, women are more susceptible to biochemical changes as a result of emotional stress. How a person responds to stress is also important. Those who bottle and stuff their feelings are thought to be more at risk for illness than those who express them, even if inappropriately.

Anyway, I believe that healing trauma can be a complicated thing (unless you believe in a god who can do all things!) and perhaps it factors into why some don't heal from Lyme treatments. But this is just my own belief based on my research and personal experience.

Thanks for your thoughts, and I wish you well with the garlic! (Are you still doing Buhner's herbs, BTW?)

Take care, Connie

Connie Strasheim (aka Killabugger) said...


Just one more thing. For all of the Lyme treatments that I write about in my book, "The Lyme Disease Survival Guide", I personally know of at least one person who has healed fully or at least come close to it on all of these strategies.
(MMS excepted, because it is so new).

For example, I personally met someone who was 90% healed on salt/C, after forty-some years of illness and many years of abx. That was truly miraculous to me. I also know another who was healed by Quantum Techniques, after years of conventional and alternative therapies for Lyme. The same goes for Rife.
And then I have met a couple of people who have gone into remission after years of antibiotics (five and eight years, respectively...that's a lot of abx!).

Finally, and recently, one of my good friends was healed spontaneously as a result of her deep communion with God. Previously, she had been close to death, but was always one of the most positive people I had ever met, always kind and loving towards others, so it did not surprise me when she was healed, because her connection to God was amazing.

Thanks, Connie

wallace said...

Connie, you cant cook!!! How are you going to find a husband?

Or were you just being modest!!!

I agree with you on spiritual healing.

I am really excited about curcumin because its allowing me to eat my garlic quota very easily. As with garlic I am taking a therapeutic dose of cucumin around 6mg daily.
I do feel cumcumin is also doing something which is exciting me.

I think Buhner mentions somewhere that we are really missing out not eating the wild foods we used to eat. Herbs and spices are great for us esp fresh.

OPen to new things, tastes, flavours is great for body and soul.

Both of the cancer books I mention in my other post say that we Cancer as in most chronic issues we have an inflammation problem just repeating what Shoemaker and Singleton say in that inflammation is the key issue for 21 century for chronic illness.

So your knowledge about chronic lyme applies for other chronic illness's. We must tackle inflammation via diet as well as other means.I notice there are now dozens of books outlining an inflammation diet. Inflammation Zone diet etc.

(Compare the content of Singletons book with the 2007 Teitalbaum book and there are great similarites.)

I am sure part of your success is your persistence in finding a good diet for yourself, you obviously have been very disciplined as I know others find the Singleton diet very restrictive.

All my Buhner herbs are in storage so I am just relying on common herbs here and diet etc.

Any further thoughts on the German photon wonder therapy? I fear people spending their life savings on this when we agree there are issues around trauma etc which are difficult to resolve instantly. Anyway it isnt something that interests me at the moment though everyone else appears to be!!!!

Are we traumatised? I did a psychedelic called iboga which is for PTSD and got absolutely no recollection of any trauma whatsover! Instead I found my brain taken over by fake TV images!

I also did a technique years ago called sequential homeopathy where you gradually go through all lifes traumas. No great results for me.

So I think we need to stay positive on this issue!! We are all wounded souls just that most people are too dumb to realise it!

Sunny thoughts,

Connie Strasheim (aka Killabugger) said...

Hi Wallace,

Thanks for your thoughts.

Yes, I do cook, but simple stuff. I think it would be helpful if I learned more about spices, though.
Sounds like you have quite a bit of knowledge in that area!

As regards inflammation, I agree it's important to address the issue through diet, and also consider why the inflammation is happening (as there are many causes, diet being the one we can most control).

I am awaiting reports on the German biophoton device. It sounds promising, but with every new Lyme strategy that emerges, it seems there is always an initial great excitement surrounding it, which may or may not be warranted. It is a lot of money to spend for uncertain results, but thank goodness there are guinea pigs willing to go before us! And, as you mentioned, where emotional trauma is a factor, it may be less effective in curing a person. I have read that it can affect hormones and neurotransmitters, however, which may assist in healing trauma.

Thanks, Connie

wallace said...

Just a correction I am currently on around 9 grams of turmeric(curcumin is a small 2% of turmeric).

I will have to look into getting a specific curcumin supplement or deciding to stick to my turmeric regime.

That just shows how limited my knowledge of spices is!!


wallace said...

I intend to stick with turmeric rather than opt for a cucumin supplement.

I think I got a herx from my 9gram turmeric dose!! I needed today to recover

I am impressed! This article claims turmeric is the greatest herb on the planet

Am I just getting overenthusiastic again? What do you think? Let me know when you have the time to investigate this yellow miracle.

On Sunday I had a spiritual healing experience. I was onionted with holy oil by our prist and I felt the fire of the cross would you believe!!!


Connie Strasheim (aka Killabugger) said...


Well, my advice would be, watch the enthusiasm over spices! (JK :)

That's great you had an unusual spiritual experience at church. I did, too, incidentally! Let's just say I now know what it feels like when people fall down in church :)
I used to think it was a bunch of hocus pocus, but there was no magic, just God, when my heart started racing, my knees went weak, and...down I went to the ground with a feeling of peace overcoming me. God sure works in mysterious ways, doesn't He?

wallace said...

Turmeric is supposed to help the thyroid as well!

What you described happened to someone in church last sunday. Its great you experienced it.

I have been reading about the healing properties of living in Hawaii(teitalbaum lives there-wise move!) Hope CR has the same effect on you!