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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Babesia WA-1 Is a Tenacious Little Sucker...

Guess what? Yesterday I learned that Babesia WA-1, or babesia duncani, doesn't die as easily as its brother microti. Traditional therapies, such as mepron, zithromax, and artemisia, even when used for many months, sometimes don't faze this bug, and physicians must then resort to larium and other drugs that aren't tolerated as well by patients, in order to get rid of this infection.

Over the past few weeks, I have re-started treatment for babesia. I don't know which strain (or strains!) I still have, but the doomsday duncani might be involved because six thousand milligrams of artesunate per day isn't giving me herxheimer reactions. Nightmares, perhaps, but that's about it. So far.

By the way, I do not advise taking 6,000 mg of artemisia without your doctor's approval. This is a much higher dose than those that have typically been used for babesia. Indeed, many people herx on a mere 100 mg of artemisinin, and artesunate is even more powerful than artemisinin.

So what else can you do if you have this dreaded strain of babesia? Well, if you don't want to experiment with the harsher drugs, you might consider using a homeopathic remedy containing the energetic blueprint of this parasite. Other herbs, such as mora, enula and cryptoleptis might also be helpful, but their effectiveness is still somewhat unproven and so treatment with these is experimental. MMS might also work, but I would suggest doses upwards of 15 drops a day, as I maintained this dose for four months and it wasn't sufficient to get rid of my infection. Thirty or more drops per day may be required, for at least several months, if not longer.

But persevere...there must be a solution for duncani out there somewhere! We must simply keep on the path and keep trying new treatments as they emerge.


Monkey Girl said...

Arg. And that's the strain of babesia that I have. I did 6 months of mepron and zithromax. I haven't retested yet, however, I've a pretty fair idea that we didn't kick it. My fatigue is unbelievable.

Connie Strasheim (aka Killabugger) said...

Monkey Girl,

Yeah, I wish I had some better news about this one. I know some docs try other, harsher drugs for it, with mixed success. It seems to me that homeopathy might be a good option for this one, but of course the problem is finding someone who can administer it properly. I am not sure myself whether to continue on artemisia. I have been a bit more grouchy lately and it may be related to die-off, but I doubt that the effect has been profound. At the doses I am taking, artemisia costs me over 300$ a month. I'm really contemplating trying something else. If the mora and enula, or MMS work for me (they might be next), I'll let ya know! Thanks for your comments and I hope you feel better soon! :)


Meredith said...

Hey Conie - I tested positive for Microti AND WA1 - odd to me since i havent spent too much time out west and that si where WA1 is supposed to be - but Lyme and friends are never where they are supposed to be. This may be why Mepron, Alinia and Artesmesia never did anything for me - or not enough...

MMS is really what wiped out the symptoms that I really felt were from Babesia. Now its hard to really know what causes what with poor testing. BUT as you and I both know - we get pretty darn good at knowing what is going on in our bodies after this lengthy ride......

If folks wish to try Alinia - they can get their Dr. to order it for you for FREE. He just needs to fill out a form stating insurance wont cover the cost. Alinia seemed to work fast ad well for my Drs. patients and they exp. quick symptom resuloution but I suspect they didnt have WA-1....b/c it did nothing for me.