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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Taking A Blog Snooze!

As much as I love sharing what I have learned about Lyme disease, over the next couple of months, I will be posting less frequently to this site. I am currently writing a new Lyme book, which I believe will be an excellent addition to those books already out there. But in order to complete the book in a timely manner, I must reduce the time that I spend on both this and my video blog, as well as the time I spend answering emails from Lyme disease sufferers. My energies just don't stretch far enough to write a book and do two blogs at the same time, and I feel that the information in this upcoming book is far more important than anything I could post to my blog right now. Nonetheless, I will do my best to post articles as I receive new information, and to respond to comments and questions when I have time. The same goes for my video blog!
I hope to resume a more regular posting schedule around April, pending my completion of this work.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!

...Oh yeah, and what is this one going to be about? You ask. Well...let's just say it's a surprise! This work will be different than the first.


Monkey Girl said...

Totally understand. As much as I love your blog and information, we(lyme sufferers) all get burned out about talking, hearing, thinking about lyme.

fireball said...

Good luck and thanx for you great

And here's an infomercial on Peruvian herbs, homeopathic cold laser detoxing & fibrin-dissolving enzymes for ya (most of this is probably not new to you, but could be for your readers):

Effectiveness of Samento, Cumanda, Burbur and Dr. Lee Cowden's Protocol in the Treatment of Chronic Lyme Disease

we used Samento quite a bit, and still use it. But we've found that there are some other herbal therapies that have been brought from Peru by Nutramedix that work just as well or better than Samento.

Cumanda is an extremely powerful anti-Lyme treatment, as well as an excellent anti-fungal. And also is a pretty good anti-viral, and anti-parasitic. So you eliminate a lot of different bugs with one therapy. It's a different philosophy than the philosophy used by conventional medicine, which is one bug, one drug. So if you have six bugs, you have six drugs.

Now, besides Cumanda we have Banderol, which is a very powerful herbal antimicrobial from Peru also through Nutramedix, and Quina, which has been used in Peru for many centuries for treatment for malaria, but is also an excellent anti-Lyme treatment as well as a pretty good anti-fungal and antiparisitic.

I guess the most important thing we've learned since the pilot study is that if you don't continue to work on getting the physical toxins out of the body, the few remaining microbes that can survive the aggressive therapy with herbals or pharmaceuticals, or whatever is used, those surviving microbes will usually regrow and form a completely new population of Lyme-related microbes in the body because of the toxins stimulating their regrowth.

“The worst culprits usually are the heavy metals,” says Dr. Cowden. “The most common source for heavy metals that I see usually is mercury from the silver mercury amalgam fillings in people's teeth.”

“Once you get a lot of that toxic load out, then it becomes easy to get rid of the microbes,” says Dr. Cowden.

Dr. Cowden co-developed a technique to remove toxins using the principle of complex homeopathy and laser, called cold laser therapy. “That's been a great advent in getting the toxins out of the body, and the doctors I've taught how to do that are very impressed with their results,” he says. “Unfortunately, there are so few doctors in the country that are trained in that technique, that there are more people wanting it than doctors who can deliver it.”

Dr. Cowden currently leads seminars for physicians who want to learn how to use cold laser therapy for faster detoxification.

“The other thing we've learned since the study is that enzymes are critically important in breaking up the fibrin that covers over the bugs and hides them from the immune system. The fibrin is a protein produced by the body in response to infectious illnesses. And those bugs can hide very well if the fibrin is coating them over, but if you give a proteolytic enzyme about thirty minutes before food with water only, a couple of times a day, enough of that enzyme gets absorbed and breaks down the fibrin coating on the surface of the bug so that the immune system can find them and get rid of them.

the fibrin that is being produced gets plastered up against the capillary walls, the blood vessel walls and restricts the movement of oxygen into the tissues. So the tissues become oxygen starved, and start producing lactic acid and go into anaerobic metabolism and create all kinds of other trouble from that. So the proteolytic enzymes have been very helpful to resolve that.

bromelain as a proteolytic enzyme. Bromelain is derived from pineapple. And also I use
Carnivora, which is derived from Venus Flytrap. These two seem to be fairly well-tolerated and not likely contaminated and not very allergenic. A lot of the other enzymes that are on the market are either contaminated or allergenic. But those two work really well.

for treatment of CFS and Lyme Borreliosis

Dr. Wright says that because Samento works very well in at least two thirds of his patients who choose alternative therapies over antibiotics, it remains his first choice in treatment with Lyme Borreliosis. Eighty percent of his patients who are on the antimicrobial treatments respond positively, with about sixty percent of the patients declared clinically cured after a period of one or two years. He now uses other Nutramedix products as well, particularly Cumanda, Quina, Burbur and also Amantilla.

Dr. Wright says, he tries Samento first. If patients don't respond he puts them on Dr. Cowden's protocol. He finds that about half the patients who don't respond to Samento will respond to the protocol.

Dr. Cowden comments on why patients have fewer problems with herbal antimicrobial treatments than with conventional antibiotics. “Fungal overgrowth can be just as bad a problem as Lyme disease,” he says. “The herbal treatments we've been using don't tend to cause that problem, because they kill the
funguses as much as they kill the Lyme-related bacteria and protozoa, without, in many cases, killing the friendly bacteria in the gut.”

Fall 2006, pharmacist Philip Kielman of the Netherlands, began a year-long, random double-blind placebo controlled study to evaluate the effectiveness of Samento, Cumanda and Burbur in the treatment of Chronic Lyme disease. This is a follow-up to the pilot study conducted with Samento in 2003. The twelve week preliminary report shows a sixty five percent reduction in symptoms in the treatment group, and a twenty percent reduction in symptoms in the placebo group.

Kielman says, “When we check with the Western Blot or ELISA and we get a negative result for the disease, and there are no symptoms remaining, we conclude that it works. Of course, some people are skeptics. They will say, yes, but you can't cure one hundred percent of the people.”

Burbur and Parsley are in her arsenal of herbal therapies for treatment because of their effectiveness in lymph drainage, which she considers critical in healing Lyme.

“Lyme Borrelia will thrive in the presence of fungal elevation. Therefore, sugars, grains, can definitely make the inflammatory situation a lot worse. Sugars will suppress the immune system. But what's more damaging, in our experience, is that Nutrasweet and Splenda are like poison and you want to avoid that like the plague. Splenda will actually dry up the thymus and effect your T-cells in a way that you cannot afford if you have Lyme disease. So, stay away from those artificial sweeteners. Just don't do it.” For her patients, Reist recommends Stevia as an alternative sweetener.

Dr. Wright agrees. “It's not necessarily transmitted solely by ticks,” he says. “There is evidence for other means of transmission in the research literature.” He lists congenital and sexual transmission. “I think the incidence of Borrelia is much higher than just Lyme disease,” he adds.

“spirochetes are passed not only through tick bites but also through other mechanisms. Once they infect people they can be found in breast milk, in tears, in semen, and in urine. Babies have been infected in the womb.”

Adrenal Support - replenishes the adrenal glands restoring normal function
Amantilla Relax - relieves stress and anxiety
Algas Metal Detox - mobilizes heavy metals out of the interior of the cells
Burbur Detox - aids detoxification of the liver, kidneys, lymphatic system and the ground matrix
Carnivora - proteolytic enzyme that dissolves the fibrin coating around harmful microbes
helping the immune system to identify and eradicate them
Chlorella - binds heavy metals and boosts the immune system
Cumanda - anti-inflammatory, broad spectrum antiviral, antiparasitic, antibacterial and antifungal- effective against Borrelia burgdorferi and the co-infections
Magnesium Malate - helps maintain normal cardiovascular, muscle, nerve, bone and cellular function
Parsley Detox - aids detoxification of the liver, kidneys, lymphatic system and the ground matrix
Pinella Brain/Nerve Cleanse - eliminates neurotoxins
Quina - anti-inflammatory, broad spectrum antibacterial and antiprotozoal- effective against Borrelia burgdorferi and the co-infections
Samento - immune system modulator, anti-inflammatory, broad spectrum antibacterial effective against Borrelia burgdorferi and the co-infections
Trace Minerals Relax - restores depleted mineral stores in the body, helps correct tissue acidity, aids in relaxation, aids in hydration, enhances the effect of the antimicrobials

Anonymous said...

I wonder if anyone can let me know the name of the clinic or clinics in Germany which use the Bionic light therapy device.

A desperate mother who finds it hard to watch her daughter suffer so long and so deeply. thanks.

Connie Strasheim (aka Killabugger) said...

Thanks, Everyone, for your kind and helpful comments!

Anonymous, visit these blogs for info. on the doctor who uses the Bionic 880. The entries they posted around November have the info., I think. I can't remember his name off the top of my head. Dr. Woitzel, maybe?
Also visit LymeNet and do a search under "Bionic 880". You'll find more info. there.