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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

After Four Days In Germany....

Did you know that Germany has the world's third largest economy? This fact intrigues me. I wonder how come I didn't learn that until I got here four days ago. Well, never mind. Lyme brain!

After a couple of days here, I noticed that, in fact, when it comes to producing innovative, quality goods and services on a large scale, Germans often do it better than we in the States. And I surmise that this is true when it comes to medicine, too.

So when I noticed that five squares of German toilet paper were about as effective as ten American squares, and that I didn't have to wait thirty seconds for the water in my shower to heat up (I simply adjusted the temperature gauge), for some reason, learning about these little technological advancements was enough to bolster my confidence in German medicine, too. And also because Germany is big on energy medicine.

I've only received one treatment so far on the Bionic 880, but my test for borrelia on the Bicom (one of many energetic tests that the fabulous Dr. Woitzel uses) revealed that indeed, the spiraled suckers are still stealing a significant amount of my energy, and apparently they have been there for over fifteen years. I don't recall ever getting a tick bite, but I have generally thought that I have had Lyme for less than ten years.

Still, I'm not yet convinced that Lyme is the major reason for my symptoms but only time and another five treatments with the Bionic 880 will tell.

I am impressed with Dr. Woitzel and his staff, however. Who says that Germans are cold and inhospitable? This man greeted me with a bear hug and I received multitudes of smiles and friendly words from him and his staff during my first visit. And, apparently his practice is expanding so much that next month he will be moving into a new, bigger office, and hiring more assistants to work with him! I think that is a good sign.

During my first appointment, Dr. Woitzel reviewed my labs and I spent some time telling him of my symptom woes. Then he did the Bicom test and declared my energy to be halfway in the toilet, thanks to borrelia.

I was immediately shown how to treat myself with the Bionic 880, and after my initial treatment, Dr. Woitzel's assistants ozonated my blood and then followed that up with a detoxification cocktail involving some homeopathic lymphatic, kidney and liver detox products, as well as minerals.

After my first treatment, which was approximately thirty-six hours ago, I felt a little sleepy afterward, but I can't swear that the sleepiness wasn't a result of jet lag. After all, I just arrived on Saturday and managed to skip two nights of sleep before my Monday morning appointment. Still, the five other folks who are here with me have all said that the second treatment is the one that really knocks you for a loop.

Good. That means I have something to look forward to on Thursday.

Dr. Woitzel has told me to get off of all of my supplements in the meantime. Had I known before I came to Germany that my melatonin and anti-depressant would be included in the list of non-essential supplements, I might have started weaning off at least one of them before coming here. Or maybe not.

So when he told me to shuck the mirtazapine and the melatonin, I protested a little, telling him that I've been on this stuff for almost five years. He then patiently explained that the biophotons would nullify the effects of my anti-depressant anyway, and that it would be better that I not receive therapy while dependent upon all this other stuff. So getting off the drug isn't necessarily a bad thing, I suppose, because the photons regulate serotonin production, and I don't want my body to rely on it in its attempt to "re-regulate" itself through the biophoton therapy, anyway. (Because that is what the biophotons do--re-regulate the body's energy).

So I bravely embarked upon a weaning program last night, and, still not over jetlag, I attempted to cut my melatonin dose in half, and skipped my anti-depressant dose entirely. I slept fitfully for four hours, before awakening at four A.M. with paranoid thoughts about simultaneously becoming an insomniac and schizophrenic filling my brain. Questions like, "Can I really trust the biophotons to re-program my brain and biochemistry?" raced through my mind.

After a couple of hours of fidgeting beneath my covers, I decided that I needed to give this weaning thing a shot, in any case. But no kamikazee dropping the melatonin and mirtazapine in the same week. I don't think that would be a good idea.

So I didn't survive the night without another half-tablet of melatonin, but fortunately today, Dr. Woitzel wrote me a prescription for some valerian that cost twenty euros (or about thirty bucks). I don't know if herbs are just pricey in Europe or this is just some super stellar valerian. Tonight I'll find out.

Today, Dr. Woitzel also gave me a great chiropractic adjustment that shifted one heck of a bone in my lumbar spine and removed some of the pain that I have been experiencing over the past six months. The two other osteopaths I had seen prior to Dr. Woitzel couldn't get to that bone.

I confess, doing this therapy is starting to stir up a plethora of other questions in my mind. While Dr. Woitzel has advised against taking supplements during biophoton therapy, if this is something that most of us who come here will need to continue for months afterward, can we be confident that the machine is all that we will need in order to be restored to health again?

Don't get me wrong; I am tentatively optimistic about this treatment and the great things it can do for those with Lyme, but sometimes the body has biochemical deficiencies and I'm not sure that biophoton therapy can make up for such nutrient deficiencies. The more I study medicine, the more I think that healing must be about balancing as much as about supplementing missing nutrients. Fortunately, I think it is easier to supplement what is missing than to balance what is amiss, so perhaps those of us who are able to do the Bionic 880 can use the machine to balance what is out of whack and get the critters out of our bodies, and then utilize supplements in between treatments to make up for any nutritional deficiencies.

Anyway, that's my preliminary conclusion after only two days in Dr. Woitzel's office. I am sure my opinions will be revised in the days to come.

For those of you who have already come to Germany, Dr. Woitzel really emphasizes doing detoxification after the treatments, especially when you decide to use your own blood as a nosode. If it is possible to get the same types of detoxification remedies that Dr. Woitzel uses, ideally, this might be best. But I haven't yet looked into whether it is possible or convenient to purchase these remedies from the United States.

Finally, although I have yet to herx or notice change from my first treatment, all those who are staying here at the guesthouse with me have been experiencing herx-like reactions, and a couple have had minor symptomatic improvements. Most of them have done only two treatments, and one or two have done three. Mrs. Klein, the kind and sociable owner of the guesthouse, has also affirmed to me that the majority of those who have gone before us have left Germany feeling much better than when they came, so I am encouraged.

There is something beautiful and wonderful about living in community with five other Lyme disease sufferers here in this peaceful German town. This, along with the exciting sights, smells and sounds of a new place, I think are, in themselves, worth the price of admission for this treatment.

So stay tuned for a more "social" commentary...and I'll try to get a photo or two in here sometime soon. But sorry, it won't be of the nude sauna that we have here in town!


goin2improve said...

Connie I have followed you for ages as I have done similar protocols and treatments over in england for the last 6 years. I am delighted you have been able to get to germany to see Dr W. I too would like to go over and am very interested in his work with the bio 880. I have been going to london to have biophoton therapy using a starlight machine which is dutch and I would be so grateful if you could ask Dr W whether he has heard of it and whether he thinks it will help me kill lyme. I live in north west england so the cost of going to get this treatment is a lot and if he thinks its not a good treatment I would rather wait and save up to go and see him. Good luck with the treatment you so deserve some better health. Never lose your spirit, you are helping so many of us with your updates.
Kind regards

Anonymous said...

Connie - you mentioned in your post that you are not sure if all your symptoms are Lyme related. Have you felt this way for awhile? I am not sure as well of all my symptoms so that is why I am curious, especially since you have spent numberous hours researching and writing on Lyme. Jim

Anonymous said...

By detoxification after photon treatment, are you referring to the i.v. infusions that Dr. Woitzel gives or something else. I have not found the majority of what he uses in his I.V.'s here in the states.

Anonymous said...

I would also suggest going to Meripahrm in Baden-Baden and buying single nosodes of co-infections like EPV, HHV6, candida, strep, staph etc for Dr. W to test. Mrs. Klein can tell you how to get there. That way when you clear the lyme you will know what else has been cleared and what you still need to work on. He also has another machine called the ETA (I think) which can detect a multitude of problems. It is expensive and I did not have it done, but it might be worth it if you think lyme is not the root of your problems.

Anonymous said...

Connie, thanks for sharing this. It is great to know in so much detail what that treatment and place are about. Please keep posting. Escribes de maravilla, es un placer leerte. All the best. César.

J said...

Hey Connie - I hope this treatment is your pathway to a healthy life again! Many are now talking about the Bionic 880 on LS and LR groups...

As for Germany producing quality goods, this has always been the case! There was a time in the USA that anything "Made in Germany" was considered the best made product on the planet... Then along came Japan. They were typically known for cheap goods both in price and quality. But then they started producing some quality goods at lower prices and they became the manufacturer of choice for the USA...

There's no doubt in my mind, Germany still makes the best products, they make tools that last forever. They are more expensive than those made in Japan, but well worth it.

I am looking forward to hearing about your experiences with the Bio 880.... Your friend, Jim in Jax!

Connie Strasheim (aka Killabugger) said...

Hi Lorraine,

If I get a chance, I will ask Dr. W about the starlight. You might also ask the manufacturer of the biophoton device (biophoton.de) how it compares to the starlight. Thanks for your kind words!


Yes, I'm still not convinced my symptoms are about Lyme. I think babesia and other stuff may be more important. It is difficult to tease out, but I don't herx much from Lyme treatments (I just had my second bionic and I am not herxing, while everyone around me is!) but the bionic can treat other infections, so whether Lyme is primary or not, for me, this treatment is still worth it. Also because whether I have a little or a lot of Lyme, I need to get rid of it as much as possible so it doesn't come back to haunt me someday!

Thanks for your post.

Hi Anonymous,

Yes, by detox I am referring to the IV that is given after treatments. I don't know if this stuff can be found in the States; I would think perhaps not, but maybe you can find something similar.

Hi Anonymous,

Thanks for the name of the pharmacy in Baden Baden. I was there the other day looking for it but didn't know the name, so this helps! Yes will also ask Dr. W about this other device. Thank you for the advice, I really appreciate it. I haven't had time to ask him as many questions as I would like, because he is so busy, but I realize it's important to try to get all this info. before I leave!

Hola Cesar,

Muchas gracias! me alegro que la informacion haya sido de utilidad para ti. Seguire escribiendo sobre los tx cuando pueda.

I will also have a lot of info. on the Bionic 880 in my new book, so stay tuned for that! I have a 100 page PDF in German that I have to get translated, once I do, I may have more info. to share. !

Cuidate y que mejores pronto!

Hey Jim!

Great to hear from you!
How are you these days? I hope well!

I do think this treatment is very promising, I am not herxing from it so far but the five other people who are with me are! So I know it is doing something.

I will keep you posted!

Thanks for your comments, indeed, it is nice to be here.



BetterHealthGuy said...

Hi Connie,
Good to hear you are enjoying the wonder called Germany. I love that place. I fully agree with you. I do not believe that Lyme is the entire problem for any of us. There are always many issues that must be addressed. I am hopeful that you will feel some benefits from the treatment. The biggest challenge I think is trying to figure out how to effectively use the device once you return. Give my teddy bear a squeeze. :) Be well, Scott

Connie Strasheim (aka Killabugger) said...

Hi Scott,

Thanks for the heads up. I definitely intend to figure out how to use this thing before I leave!
Will do my utmost to learn all I can.

I will give your teddy bear a big squeeze :) (funny, I was in a shop today, and Connie and I (another Lyme friend) had the idea about getting Dr. W a teddy bear, too. You know, kinda follow your legacy :). I think it would be fun to fill his office with bears!
Okay well off to bed...Thanks again for your great advice.
BTW, did Dr. W teach you how to treat other stuff before you left? I mean, did he give you the frequencies for other issues, and/or give you info. on how long to treat for each one? This is the kind of thing I'm going to try to learn this week...and I guess as far as the nosodes, you just gotta go and grab a bunch don't you and get them all tested?

Anonymous said...

Hi Connie, Can you tell me what success you had with the BICOM treatments?