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Friday, April 10, 2009

How Lyme Sufferers "Do" Germany

Below are a few photos of those who are with me here in Germany, and their experiences of Germany and the biophoton treatment.


1) Two of Dr. Woitzel's friendly assistants
2) Lynn enema bag shopping at a pharmacy in Baden Baden. Success!
3) Sally trying to ask a pharmacist for Lynn's enema bag
(without the use of words, since she doesn't speak German)
4) Asking for directions to the spa (because we Lymie's are SO good
at orientation)
5) Troy herxing after treatment number three

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Anonymous said...

Hi Connie:

Love the snaps! Was wondering-do you or anyone else at Dr. W's have severe MCS or EMF sensitivity? To date, it doesn't seem as if someone w/both lyme and MCS has seen Dr. W. Would love to know if this treatment helps MCS or could even be tolerated by someone w/MCS. Thanks very much for any thoughts on this. And hope you have great results!

Connie Strasheim (aka Killabugger) said...

Hi there,

Yes, a few people here have extreme EMF sensitivity and MCS to some degree. I do think that this therapy can help with both problems, as both aren't usually the primary reason why a person has symptoms. The treatment can regulate the immune system, which could then help eliminate MCS and EMF sensitivity.

Meredith said...

Hey Connie! Can you inquire about mercury and heavy metals and how they rec. treating that...Im sure many of their patients have this as a chief issue and may be why they are getting infections in the first place. Also for those who have Methylation Cycle block challenges.

Must be such a nice change of scenery!!!

Did you get IV Ozone Auto Hemotherapy?

Also it would be interesting to know his feeling on supplements and CODEX Alimemtarius - as they are under it more or less now I believe and if it is affecting access to quality health supplements. Europe is more pro-Organic and non -GMO so it may be a diff. mindset over there....

Anonymous said...

Hi, Connie,

Michael S Here. Do ask him fiurtehr about EMF (My main Biggie) and Mcs and regular allergies). Has he ytrained anyone in the USA yet. Are his detox methods different than the ones here?

Let me know.

Get well.

Connie Strasheim (aka Killabugger) said...

Hey Michael!

Great to hear from you!
I will ask the doc about EMF's and MCS. I think that MCS at least is a manifestation of immune dysfunction and the device can supposedly regulate the immune, which would mean no more allergies. But I guess I'll learn more along the way...promise to pass my knowledge along as I do.

Hope you are well! :)
It was great seeing you in Atlanta

Hugs, Connie