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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sitting On Hot Coals...So Here's My Quickie for the Week!

My lower back is on fire and I can barely stand to sit in front of the computer, so this will be a fast post, but I couldn't resist sending you all a quick update on my progress this week with the Bionic 880 treatments here in Germany.

I tested free of borrelia today with one of Dr. Woitzel's energetic devices. I watched as the device moved in a very decisive "no" direction to the homeopathic borrelia nosodes that Dr. Woitzel placed between me and the device. I have only had five treatments, and feel very blessed to be "done" with this infection already! Some of the Lyme sufferers who are here with me have needed more than five treatments, however, so if you are planning to come to Germany, staying here for four weeks is most ideal (The doctor does two treatments per week).

So am I feeling great?

No, but I didn't expect to. Why? Well, I didn't think that borrelia was the main reason for my symptoms when I first came here, anyway, and I yet suspect that I will need to treat babesia and other problems with the Bionic before I am fully healed. In any case, I am ecstatic that I now no longer have to worry about borrelia becoming a big deal for me again!

Actually, not only am I not feeling much better after the treatments, in some ways, and like the six others who have stayed with me at the guesthouse, I am feeling a little worse! No, it's not a bad thing. I think we are all still clearing out toxins from the treatments.

That said, amidst the herxing, we have all also had some minor improvements. I mentioned what mine were in the previous blog post, and what I have mostly witnessed in others have been improvements in sleep, pain and energy.

Next week, Dr. Woitzel will continue to treat my now-quite-hellacious back pain with one of the many methods that he uses to treat pain (but so far I have been a difficult case, I think). His energy tests revealed that the pain is partially a structural problem (as suspected), but that neurotoxins and bugs are also contributing to the pain. So as I embark upon a serious abdominal exercise program and continue to get rid of infections and toxins, I expect this symptom to improve.

In the meantime, if you like, please pray for me, as I need to finish my Lyme book soon and I can hardly stand to sit in front of a computer right now!

Still, I feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity to come to Germany to do this amazing treatment, and continue to believe that it is probably one of, if not the best, treatment out there for borrelia.

Until next time...it's pain killer time again!


troy said...

Connie is getting better, the good Lord is healing her, our God is awesome. She will prevail, I have the faith. We are taking good care of her. In Christ's love, Troy

Anonymous said...

Praying for all you guys. Come back healed. And, then make tons of money so youc an float me a loan to go there too.

I am however gonna spend some bucks on the Progurt that some Lyme guys ahve been talking about. I think fixing my digestion, which has vbeen bad for years even before Lyme, may just me an important missing link.


Michael S.

Anonymous said...

Arggg Also need bifocals. My spelling.... Michael

Anonymous said...

The good Lord is healing her? Your God is awesome? You mean the God that nobody has ever seen and that has made her sick all her life and keeps sick like dogs to other millions who don't even have the money to go to Germany to a super expensive fancy and ultimately useless treatment for rich people?

I can't stand religious fanatics, you are dangerous. There's not much difference with those who blow themselves up or crash planes in terrorist attacks in Allah's name and love.

Anonymous said...

How can you not see God when you look at the sky, or a rainbow, or flower bloom? God never promised an easy life, but if you choose to look, there is a blessing in each day (even for those of us who are ill).


Anonymous said...

Connie, Hope your back is feeling better?

It was very kind of Troy to donate nosodes for coinfections. Can you or Troy tell us which ones he donated? i want to prepare and buy some nosodes to get tested by DR W but if he already has some of them it would help me out a lot in reducing expenses and not having to purchase some.

Connie Strasheim (aka Killabugger) said...


Let us know how that Progurt goes!
And yeah, when I win the lottery, I will be sure to float you :)

Anonymous (last Anonymous)

We got a lot of nosodes; about 40 of them. I can't list them all here but they are basically a lot of the main infections and problems that I have seen that people have alongside Lyme. What he doesn't have are nosodes for babesia, bartonella and ehrlichia, as these aren't found in Germany. I would recommend getting those.
If I have time at a later date, I will post a list of the donated nosodes.



Anonymous said...

Wow 40 nososdes. That is so wonderful and so generous of Troy. Thank you Troy! Thanks for listing what he doesnt have that makes it easier to know what to bring :) When you have a chance as I know you are really busy can you check if mycoplasma and EBV are something I'd need to bring or if he already has?

I pray you are doing better. Connie and your back is better too and looking forward to your book

Connie Strasheim (aka Killabugger) said...

Hi Anonymous,

We purchased EBV and mycoplasma pneumoniae, so you don't need to worry about those.

Thanks for your wishes. I'm surviving the pain but it's tough sometimes. I hope to have the book out soon...it still needs about another month of work, but pretty sure I will be done by the end of May with publication in early summer.