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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Doughnuts, Detox and the Bionic 880

I have a question for those of you who have a Bionic 880 device and who are using it to treat Lyme and other health issues.

Do you think if I strap a doughnut to my solar plexus and set the Bionic 880 to the frequency for allergies, that I can treat for my allergies to wheat and sugar? :)

Okay, just kidding. Well, sort of.

I have been back from Germany for a week now and I am a zombie. At first I thought it was just jet lag, but I think that the Bionic 880 treatments are attempting to normalize my hormones and circadian rhythm. For the first time in almost five years, I am crashing at night between nine and ten p.m., and waking up before the birdies. I would say that this is a good thing, were it not for the fact that I am currently only sleeping between four to six solid hours a night, and tossing and turning for another two or three. I slept just fine before I went to Germany, although it did usually take me an hour to get to sleep. Now I don't even get to ten sheep before I am fast asleep. That's a good thing. Well, gotta look at the positives when you are a zombie.

Fortunately, I discovered yesterday that VitaCost can deliver supplements to Costa Rica in just two days, at a much more economical price than I would have thought, and so I happily ordered some 5-HTP to address the insomnia issue. While Costa Rica is relatively up-and-coming in the natural supplements market, it's yet difficult to find amino acids here.

I actually think that the Bionic 880 treatments have probably increased my energy somewhat, but it's hard to discern amidst all the insomnia. Besides that, my postural orthostatic hypotension is normalizing a little, and despite my sleepiness and back pain which seems to get worse by the day, I have been in a relatively good mood. The moodiness I experienced in Germany seems to have gone bye-bye, which I am grateful for.

Other than that, I haven't noticed any other changes yet as a result of the Bionic 880 treatments. Further research and conversations with others who have used this device have confirmed to me, however, that this type of treatment is most effective when the adrenal glands are adequately supported and an aggressive detoxification protocol is employed alongside the therapy. Otherwise, it can make a Lyme sufferer worse, just like most bug-killing protocol.

Pending the completion of my new book on Lyme disease, I will return to posting on other Lyme topics here, in approximately a month. At that time, I will post another update on my progress, and shortly thereafter, share some pearls of insight that I have gained as a result of writing the new book.


sixgoofykids said...

Actually, when I was talking to Dr. W, I was asking him what to mix with the blood for treatment with blood. I was thinking it would have to be mixed with potato vodka or something to preserve it .... he said I could put milk or anything else I was allergic to in the vial with the blood .... so maybe a few doughnut crumbs would suffice? :-D

Anonymous said...

I treated my milk and egg allergies by putting a raw egg in a small vial and milk in a small glass vial (on separate weeks).

9.8 hz 100% 180 seconds at each point.

I tried wheat, but it did not last for more than a week.

Connie Strasheim (aka Killabugger) said...

Hi Mrs. Goofy,

So how did the allergy tx go for food? Hope you are feeling well these days!



Okay, so I was only kidding, but I see that this experiment actually works! How did the milk and egg allergies work out? Interesting the wheat one didn't last, but it seems that getting rid of food allergies might also involve getting the immune system to turn off its hyper response, as perhaps other things. Who knows!

Thanks for sharing,


Connie Strasheim (aka Killabugger) said...

Post from Troy:
(accidentally posted under Nov. 5th post but meant for today)

troy said...

I think that I am in the latest posting area for the Bionic, well Connie and I both just went to Germany (that is where we finally met in person), she herxed some, but I was, as usual the major herxer, Connie has named me Cyclops because me eye was so swollen from the treatment.

As far as why Doctor W. treats the Borrelia first, as one poster put it, he believes that it is the gatekeeper and releases the most toxins. After this when you return home with your machine, you can treat your blood slowly, Scott recommends 90 seconds and no more per each meridian. He has experimented, and I believe Scott to be a good judge of about anything.

Anyway, it's been just over three weeks since my last treatment in Germany and I am slowly getting better, the eye looks almost normal, my sleep is improving, the swelling in my head is almost gone and my eye sensitivity is better as well. The EMFS are still a problem, but not near as severe. My energy is still low, but climbing slowly.

If anyone needs advice, with my little knowledge that the good Lord has endowed me with, I would be willing to share with anyone. Connie is a sweetheart and truly wants to help people. Lord bless her and show her all that you have for her. Amen. Troy


Connie Strasheim (aka Killabugger) said...

Thank you, Troy, you are so kind!

Troy is an angel, too, and has really helped a lot of people through this difficult journey.

Troy, I'm not positive, but I believe we can also treat with the blood for a full 320-360 seconds if we start at 25% power on the machine. If not, then maybe 90 seconds is the limit. Can someone confirm this with me? Thanks

Blessings to you, my friend!

Anonymous said...


I think the wheat treatment did not hold because I tried to do it with pineapple and almonds at the same time. I did eggs a week apart from the milk. I am also a celiac, so the genes come into play as well. It is not the wheat I am allergic to--it is the gluten and being celiac.

Anonymous said...

I think various people have been told different amounts of time and power by Dr. Woitzel based on their own problems. He initially told me 50% power twice a month for 90 seconds on blood, but that was part way through the treatment in Germany and I need to confirm it with him.

sixgoofykids said...

I think Dr. W's methods also are still evolving. I went last fall and he said normal time for blood, but start at 25% and work up.

Connie, I never treated allergies, then went away with Lyme treatment (mostly bart treatment) before I went to Germany. Dr. W was just giving me an example ... he didn't realize I didn't have food allergies.

I am feeling well. I'm doing cleansing/detox stuff and parasite treatment right now. The parasite treatment can be rough (using Humaworm). Overall, I'm doing very well and have improved as much since I've been back from Germany as I did when I was there.

Connie Strasheim (aka Killabugger) said...

Hi Goofy,

I'm so glad to hear you are doing well! That is fabulous.

I wish I could say I have seen improvements, but so far, I think I feel mostly a little worse, as do those who were there with me in Germany. I'm trying not to be anxious over it, but instead be patient.

I suppose it doesn't help that I'm spending all day writing a new Lyme book--which I actually mostly finished tonight! (And yes, I'm freakin' drop dead exhausted, but I had to get it done...)

I plan to really focus on detoxing and resting this coming month, though. I got the same instructions from Dr. W about treating for my blood. Might do that after my current adrenal protocol.

Thanks for the update and keep me posted on your progress. I hope those parasite tx's don't turn out to be too harsh!



sixgoofykids said...

Overdoing it is probably pretty hard on you. I'm glad you're about done and can rest. :) Is your adrenal protocol with the Bionic? I'd love to know more about it if it is. The parasite cleanse is tough. Really tough to stay motivated to finish it since it makes me feel worse not better. I'm doing it in conjunction with the KPU protocol. I'm seeing a lot of improvement and think my own immune system is finally kicking in.


The blood protocol gave me a big boost. But, good to do some detoxing first. Hope you see improvement soon.

sixgoofykids said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

The photon therapy continues for several months even after returning from Germany. Your adrenals may fix themselves.

Connie Strasheim (aka Killabugger) said...

Hi Miss Goofy,

Thanks for your kind wishes. I am glad to be able to rest a little now, too. It is hard for me, I'm very type A but I know it's so important for healing to give the body rest.

Yes, the adrenal protocol I am doing is with nosodes containing all the hormones of the adrenal cortex. I picked out three dilutions in Baden Baden, (on a hunch) and when Dr. W tested me with them, we got a huge "yes". So I did some testing with the biotensor, and "apparently" my body wants four tx, 3.5 minutes each, on six points--back of head, over the ears, thymus and over both adrenals (let's hope I found my adrenals...ha ha). I've done two tx, at 80 Hz, and not noticed much of anything yet, but I plan to treat more infections after I do these 3-4 adrenal tx. My gut tells me that trying to strengthen my endocrine system first could help me with treatments. Let's hope that is true.

So the blood tx didn't get at your parasites? I find that interesting. It means that using the bionic and one's blood really doesn't get at all of the infections in the body--or it would seem? Have you done tx with other bodily fluids? (as I have heard some are doing).

I'm glad to hear that all of this stuff seems to be working well for you and that your immune is kicking in. Did you ever do Allergie Immun? Do you do some type of detox protocol along with the bionic? It sounds like this could be pretty important, although Dr. W had told me not to worry about taking toxin binders and such during the tx.

My gut feeling is that hormonal dysfunction is a bigger problem for me than toxins, however I know there is some overlap between both issues.

Thanks for your thoughts!



Connie Strasheim (aka Killabugger) said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thanks for your encouraging words. I agree that getting rid of infections with the Bionic may give my adrenal glands huge boost.

That said, I think that the endocrine question can be tricky, because while Lyme messes up the endocrine system, sometimes it happens that endocrine system foul-ups cause problems with infections!

The research that I did for my new book has solidified my belief that sometimes, endocrine problems can be primary in chronic illness involving Lyme, and the infections secondary, or vice versa. In any case, it can be important to address both infections and HPA foul-ups.

But I agree that getting rid of infections takes one more burden off of the adrenals, and perhaps if I am lucky, it will make a significant difference for me.

Thanks for your thoughts!

Connie Strasheim (aka Killabugger) said...


I just want to better clarify my perspective about the endocrine system and Lyme. (And I do this because I think it's an important topic anyway, one that I have actually wanted to write about for awhile). I think that if a person had adrenal fatigue or serious endocrine problems prior to getting infected with borrelia, then just getting rid of the infections will not fix the endocrine problems. If the endocrine problems are a direct result of Lyme infections, however, then getting rid of the infections may or may not solve the endocrine issues, depending upon how the infections have affected/damaged the hormonal system.

Thanks, Connie

sixgoofykids said...

Hi Connie,

Thanks for the details about the adrenal treatment. Mine seem to be coming back slowly as I get better. I have really good days where I don't even think about being sick, so mine may come around on their own.

I still test positive for babs, bart, and two kinds of parasites. Also, my liver is stressed. I did a couple liver cleanses and that seems to have helped a lot. I feel a lot less toxic.

I also test as needing the KPU treatment that Dr. K finds 80% of Lyme patients need. This treatment has worked wonders for me. I think as this treatment goes on, perhaps my body will be ready to let go of the infections it's hanging on to. Yesterday and today I've been pretty close to 100%, so these darn bugs are losing control. :)

I have treated head colds/sinus infections with saliva. That is the only other bodily fluid I've used. I don't know why the blood hasn't taken care of the parasites, unless it just would have been too much for my body to handle detox wise. I think our bodies tend to know how much then can handle when healing.

I never did AI and the only real detox protocols I've done have been coffee enemas (now that I found out my liver is congested, I can see why I seemed to crave them), drinking lots of water, occasional zeolite, exercise, lymphatic drainage massages.

Gabriela said...

Hola Connie, he visto en Youtube un video tuyo acerca de la enfermadad de Lyme.
Quisiera saber si tienes email?
Soy de Brazil, mi hermana sufre de la enfermedad hace hace como 3 anos, pero ya esta cronica porque cuando empezaron los sintomas dijeron que tenia Esclerosis Multipla. Ademas de los muchos sintomas de Lyme, ahora ella tiene cambio de personalidad.
Ya la llevamos a los mejores medicos de Brasil, en Sao Paulo y Rio de Janeiro, pero esa enfermedad no es muy conocida en Brasil. Ella usa doxyclynina pero aun asi no funciona.
Por favor, si puedes, ayudame.
Muchas Gracias

Connie Strasheim (aka Killabugger) said...

Miss Goofy,

It sounds like you are on the right track! That's fabulous you feel close to 100%.

What are you going to do about the nagging bartonella/babesia infections? How many blood tx did you do? You think maybe more are required?

Glad to hear Dr. K's protocol has been of great benefit to you.
Keep going! :)


Connie Strasheim (aka Killabugger) said...


Lo siento mucho por tu hermana.
He hablado con gente de otros paises de Latinoamerica y parece que hay pocos medicos que saben tratar el Lyme en esta parte del mundo.

Aconsejo que busquen un medico con la mente abierta y que sepa leer ingles, para que pueda estudiar en el Internet la manera correcta de tratar el Lyme. Si hace una busqueda de Google poniendo los terminos: "Burrascano treatment guidelines" encontrara un documento con buena informacion acerca de como tratar el Lyme.

Lo mas ideal seria consultar con un medico de EEUU que sepa de esto, pero te advierto que son caros. Igual si te interesa, puedes encontrar mas informacion en el sitio: ILADS.org.

Si tu hermana quiere seguir con antibioticos lo mas probable es que necesitara varios, a la vez que necesitara tratamientos para desintoxificar el cuerpo, apoyar a las hormonas y el cuerpo en general. La dieta tambien es sumamente importante y debe evitar granos y azucar.

Lamentablemente esta enfermedad es muy dificil de tratar y require muchas intervenciones diferentes, y mientras el tomar doxyciclina ayuda, en si no es suficiente.

Si no tienen mucho dinero, hay remedios naturales que le puedan ser de gran ayuda, tales como el MMS mmms.org (aqui se puede pedir el remedio), y varias hierbas como el andrographis y una de gato.

Espero que esta informacion les haya sido de utilidad, lo siento que no puedo darles un protocolo completo, sin embargo si tienen alguna pregunta especifica, avisenme y con gusto respondere.

Deseando que tu hermana se recupere pronto,


sixgoofykids said...

Hi Connie,

I'm currently treating with photons about once per month with blood. I am hoping as my body gets stronger with the KPU treatment and parasite treatment that maybe it will let go of the babs and bart more easily. If it doesn't, then I'll try to figure something else out.

I did three weeks of blood treatment twice per week, then I switched to once per month.

Anonymous said...


The photons probably kill parasites such as protozoa, but I believe sixgoofy is talking about parasitic worms and I don't think the photons can kill those.

Connie Strasheim (aka Killabugger) said...


Why would the Bionic kill parasites but not worms? Just curious.



Gabriela said...

Muchas Gracias Connie por responderme! Disculpe por tardar en responder, no tuve acesso a la internet esos dias.
Gracias por su atencion y por su ayuda :-)

Queremos llevar a mi hermana a los Estados Unidos pero no sabemos que medico sea el mejor para eso (independe de costos).

Ella empezo esa semana con la medicina natural, tales como Samento, Cumanda, etc. Nos enteremos en la pagina de Nutramedix.com; empezo a tratar con Condensed Cowden Support Program, es un protocolo hecho por un Dr q se llama Lee Cowden, para tratar Lyme Cronica.
Desafortunadamente las analises muestran Negativo. Todas!
Pero despues que vi su video hablando acerca del laboratorio en CA, llamamos y pedimos el Kit.

La verdad es que estamos ''sin salida''. Hay poco que hacer por ella, esta muy cronico y avanzada la enfermedad. Y lo peor es que los medicos de Brasil aun asi dicen ser Esclerosis Multipla, porque los analises de Lyme siempre son Negativos.

Oimos hablar del Dr. Burrascano.
Connie, crees que el sea un buen medico para llevarsela? Como habia dicho antes, no conoces a ningun medico en USA.

Gracias por su atencion,
Eres muy amable!

Que Dios bendiga a ti y a toda sua familia.

Connie Strasheim (aka Killabugger) said...


Siempre hay esperanza, no importa el estado fisico de uno. Hay gente en silla de ruedas que se ha recuperado!

Burrascano es uno de los mejores medicos pero ya no practica. Si va a ese sitio de ILADS puede encontrar una lista de los mejores medicos alli. Entre los mejores son Jemsek, Harris, Bock y Horowitz, pero hay muchos mas. Los que menciono aqui son caros pero buenos. Busque en ILADS.org por su informacion.

Espero que su hermana se recupere pronto, se que el protocolo de Cowden es bueno tambien.

Hay que tener paciencia--los casos cronicos necesitan de 2-5 anos para recuperarse totalmente, pero es posible sentirse mejor ya despues de varios meses de tratamiento.



Gabriela said...

Muchas Gacias Connie por su ayuda y por su atencion en responder mis mensajes

Buscare por los medicos en ILADS,
Dios bendiga usted y a toda sua familia.