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Friday, May 01, 2009

Heal the Body, Heal the Spirit

As I have often mentioned in my blog, as well as in my book, "The Lyme Disease Survival Guide", I believe that healing from Lyme is about healing from emotional trauma, as much as it is about healing from infections and other toxins. Some health care practitioners even believe that the amount of physical toxins present in the body is proportional to the degree of emotional trauma that's present.

The Bionic 880 device, which shines light into, and revives, diseased cells, causes a liberation of infections and toxins from these cells. This includes emotional toxins, because emotions are stored not only in the brain, but also in other cells of the body. Which means that anyone who is contemplating this treatment for Lyme should be aware that this process purges not only bugs, but also emotional toxins.

And that purging ain't always pretty.

Mrs. Klein, the owner of the guesthouse where I have been staying in Germany, has seen more than just a handful of Lyme disease sufferers come and go. Some of these people, she contends, have felt immediately better following treatment with the Bionic 880, while others have felt initially worse for awhile (hopefully, before getting better!).

Some of the other Lyme sufferers who have stayed with me at the guesthouse have had immediate symptomatic improvements, but what I have observed even more is an initial worsening of symptoms in these people, including those that involve the emotions.

After my second treatment, I found myself weeping over the slightest provocation, and initially attributed it to weaning off of my anti-depressant. And bear in mind, I felt pretty stable before I came to Germany. When others around me spoke of depression and feeling like "basketcases", however, and Dr. Woitzel reminded me last week that the therapy purges trauma from the cells, then I understood that in fact, the light has been responsible for the feelings of anxiety and depression that have surfaced in me and in others from time to time during our stay in Germany.

For anyone who is contemplating this therapy, you must know that treating with the Bionic 880 is not a benign process. There is darkness before the dawn, and knowing this can make the process go a little more smoothly, I think. Yes, that castle in Heidelberg will still be beautiful, but its beauty may be dimmed a little by the effects of the treatments. It's okay. I've still immensely enjoyed being here anyway! :)

In my heartfelt chat with Dr. Woitzel last week, I also learned that he believes, as I do, that healing the spirit is paramount to healing the body. The confirmation meant a lot to me, as my experience with this kind doctor over the past few weeks has led me to believe that his intuition is razor-sharp.

"You must be free in your mind," he said, which I understood to mean that mental fixations on illness and other unhealthy thoughts hinders healing. Positive thoughts bring light into the body; negative, "stuck" thoughts bring darkness, just as biophotons bring light and purge the cells of darkness. But biophotons don't heal the body; the spirit and mind, in conjunction with the physical body, are what heal.

Dr. Woitzel also believes that his North American patients have more detrimental mental fixations than his European patients. Whether or not this is true, I have observed, from having lived abroad in three countries besides the United States, and from having traveled to approximately forty-five others, that people in the United States tend to be more complicated and analytical in their thinking than people in other nations. I wonder, then, if such analysis has been harmful to our well-being? I mean, we can really beat this Lyme issue to death, can't we?

Dr. Woitzel also mentioned that his North American patients have more toxins and infections than his European patients. Perhaps this is also why we have a harder time healing from the Lyme disease, or chronic illness, complex. I don't know, and I don't pretend to own the truth on such matters. I have only my observations and opinions, which are constantly changing and hopefully, evolving.

What I do believe, and what Dr. Woitzel has confirmed to me, is that you can chase every supplement under the sun; you can do 1001 treatments for Lyme with energetic devices, but if the spirit is unwell, then the body will struggle to heal.

In my first book, "The Lyme Disease Survival Guide", I have provided suggestions for healing the mind and spirit, but this is perhaps the most challenging aspect of healing, because the path to emotional and spiritual wellness is different for everyone, and we must all find our own way. Biochemical and energetic interventions can heal (as in, for example, the Bionic 880 purging the body of trauma), but it's rarely such a straightforward process, and often, a combination of strategies, whether cognitive, biochemical, physiological, or otherwise, are required.

It's good to pray to God, but I believe that the supernatural also works in the natural and provides resources and discernment, so that we can heal ourselves. In the end, of course, I believe that all healing comes from God, but we must participate in that healing and accept that attaining health may require more twists and turns than we initially expected.

There is no magic pill for healing, and the Bionic 880 is probably not that pill, either, but I surmise that the fewer blocks that a person has to healing, emotionally or otherwise, the greater the effects of the biophotons upon infections and the immune system.

I am yet grateful for the light--that has come to me in the form of a machine, as well as through divine revelation about healing.

Love the light, my friends. It is the key to health.


MaryS said...

I just found your Blog yesterday after lots of research and have to say THANK YOU - your info has been the most informative, articulate, non-biased,andvery well researched. I thank you for your effort of sharing your knowledge to help fellow Lyme folks.

Like you and Dr. Woiltez, I also beleive you must heal the spirit as well as the body. A couple of my favorite Authors are Deepak Chopra (Quantum Healing, and The Spontaneous Fullfilment of Desire) and Thich Naht Hahn (too many titles to list).

I'm very interested in this treatment you're receiving and would like some more info, cost, how long you have to stay etc. I'm a business owner and can't be away for a month at a time. I have 2 doctors - one conventional who thinks outside the box and incorporates homeo medicine (he's my Lyme Dr) and a homeo Dr. Meeting with my Homeo Dr next week to discuss this treatment and the possibility of him incorporating this treatment in his office.

Have just ordered your book and look forward to reading it. If you haven't read any Deepak Chopra, please do. the entire field of quantum physics is exactly what the Bio-phonton treatment is about - that everything is energy

Take care and look forward to more


jamie said...

Hi Connie,

Is there a website for Doctor Woiltez and his center? I am trying to find more info. Thanks !


p.s. I hope you continue to heal and feel better from your treatments in Germany. :)

Connie Strasheim (aka Killabugger) said...

Hi Mary,

Thank you for your kind comments! Thank you also for the reading recommendations. I have read some of Deepak Chopra (when I was 12 years old, actually!) and was quite intrigued by his work, even back then!

As for the Bionic treatments, it's necessary to stay in Germany for at least three weeks; four is preferable. The cost for everything is probably at least 13-14K (including travel, hotel, treatments, and the purchase of a machine, which is necessary).
I think I broke each expense down in my comments in another post...sorry I'm really busy at the moment and don't have the time to repeat the info., but if I get the chance down the road, I will.

I wish you well in your decision!
Thanks for stopping by,



Hey Jamie!

Great to "see" you :)
Check out: http://www.biophoton.de
for more info. on the treatment.
Hope you are doing well!