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Friday, January 29, 2010

Miracles In The Making

You may have noticed that lately, I am posting often on the subject of spiritual healing. My vision of healing solutions for Lyme is being expanded beyond the scope of medical treatments, but if you visit this blog for medical information, I invite you to read the older posts, where an abundance of treatment solutions are discussed. I will continue to post medical information, but for the time being, I am being led to write more about the spiritual side of things.


I'm discovering that the path to wellness is broader than I imagined, and that God sometimes works in creative ways to heal people.

Last weekend, I attended a healing event at a church where a woman named Joan Hunter, who is known for her strong anointing to heal others, was used by God to heal--ahem-are you ready for this? At least one hundred people. I've never witnessed so many miracles before.

When she asked for people with lower back problems to step up to the podium, I flew out of my seat. Everyone around me was getting healed of stuff, so I was sure that something was about to happen to me, too.

As I approached Joan, she said to me, "Did you know that your right leg is two inches longer than your left?"

Did I ever know! This was part of the reason why I've suffered tremendous pain in my back and hips over the past year and a half. I silently thanked God for relaying this information to her.

I then sat down in a chair, and as she prayed over me, I felt something inside my hips shifting. As I rose, I realized that my weight was distributed more evenly over both feet! Over the next week, I periodically sat down with my legs stretched out in front of me, astounded that my knees were now parallel to one another. For years, my right knee had always been a couple of inches lower than the left one. Chiropractic adjustments to straighten my hips would last half a day, if that.

But my hips, knees and feet have now been perfectly aligned for nearly a week, and while the pain in my hip remains, my lower back pain has improved. Incredible.

Of course, my first reaction to this miracle was, "Thanks God, now how about healing the rest of me?"

One of my friends thought that this was an ungrateful response to God's move in my body. I later realized that she was right.

Still, I couldn't help but ponder the reasons why He would have healed part of my back but not the big "L" in my body. After all, some people at this healing event had been completely healed of huge maladies-cancer, diabetes, fibromyalgia, emotional trauma, nerve disorders, and so on. The tears, shouts and laughter of those who had been made well, were evidence that God had indeed done big things.

In hindsight, I realized that as Joan was praying over me, I had full confidence that God was going to heal my back, but when she started praying about my Lyme disease, a little voice in my head went, "Oh, I wish, I wish...no, that's too much to hope for."

Did my lack of faith block that healing? Maybe.

Or maybe God means to heal the rest of me at some point, but first wants to gauge my reaction to the little gift that He has just plopped into my lap. Because if I'm not thankful that He straightened my hips out (which had been crooked for years), maybe He knows that I wouldn't be all that grateful if He healed the whole of me--even though I swear up and down that I would be?

Or maybe He's left parts of me broken so that I will know that He's in control of all things, not me, and that yup, He's capable of healing me--but can I have faith that He will heal me from Lyme, in His time and in the manner that He chooses?

Over the past month, two people have prophecied to me that God is healing me slowly, in order to build my faith. How ironic!

So I thanked Him for the miracle, and again today, when my physical therapist noticed the change in my hips and smiled in astonishment.

I believe that God wants to work outside of the little boxes that we have put Him into and heal us in ways that we haven't even dreamed of--in body, mind and spirit. But we have to be open to the possibility that He can, and is willing, to do this for us, and not just a few of us!

It's interesting to me that, since I have begun writing a book on spiritual and supernatural healing, and opened myself up to the possibility of miracles, that I have suddenly received one.

Will God heal everyone supernaturally? No. But that doesn't mean that He doesn't want us to be well. I think He does, and He may want to open doors that we have presumed to be closed, and work in ways that we have only dreamed of. If you believe in a loving God who wants to heal His people, ask Him to open your heart and mind to the possbilities.

I'm working on having greater faith in God to heal me, myself...because despite my miracle, I am the biggest of skeptics and my faith flops all over the place. But I am working harder to fight the ugly voice in my head that hisses, "God doesn't want you well! If He did, you would be healed by now.", because I don't believe that voice is from God.

You never know. Perhaps God will bring you wellness through some uncanny method of healing. There are treatment formulas proven to work better than others for healing Lyme, but I don't think that success in healing depends solely upon us following a particular treatment protocol to a tee. This may be important, but what if prayer matters more? What if forgiving your ex-husband or wife makes a bigger difference than taking an antibiotic? What if a treatment that you previously couldn't afford, suddenly becomes available to you? What if, in a dream, you are told to take some bizarre supplement that you never thought could help you? What if God leads you to start attending healing conferences, as I have? He works in mysterious ways, and I believe that He can do great things, above and beyond all that we can ask or dream.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's awesome!! I'm so happy God healed and grew out your leg!! This is my 2nd confirmation from God, so thank you. I haven't been able to stop thinking about going to the healing rooms at Bethel Church in Redding, CA. Then someone said they had a vision of me there and then this... God is so good. I know he will heal you and me. A day is like a thousand and a thousand is like a day. We just don't know his clock very well sometimes, nor should we. God bless you and heal you!

Anonymous said...

This is a very bold move and I applaud you for it. I'm sure it will seem nonsense to some, but to focus on God's healing power is really a wonderful dirrection. We western Christians are accustomed to limiting God to natural healing through our abstract theology. I'm thrilled you are throwing caution to the wind (reputation-wise) and exploring an avenue of healing that is available to all and controlled by none. The Great Physician writes no prescriptions and issues no invoices. I for one will be delighted to see where the adventure leads.

Lori said...

Please keep these type of posts coming. I also feel I am at a place of surrendering to spiritual healing and stop focusing so much on medicines/doctors/supplements. When do you think your book will be completed? How do you find healing services? It is hard to travel all over the country.

Connie Strasheim (aka Killabugger) said...

Hi Anonymous,

Yes, why not go to Redding? People travel to LLMD's, so why not travel to get healing from the Holy Spirit? :) May God bless you in your journey towards wellness!


Hi Jim,

Thanks for your encouragement! Yes, I am sure some people think I'm crazy, but I'm led by what I believe to be truth, not by what people think of me. Stay tuned, I do believe that God is up to something :)



Hi Lori,

I'm so glad that these posts are an encouragement to you. It seems to me that God is leading more than just a few in this direction.
I expect to finish this book within a couple of months--however, I don't know when it will be published. If I go with a large publisher it will take longer to get out there-maybe a year or so, but I hope it will be sooner than that, God willing. You can find healing services at most charismatic/pentecostal churches. Most have weekly healing rooms where they pray over people, and sometimes, they will have guest speakers known for their strong anointing as healers. I wish you well with that!

Take care,


sally said...

I had this conversation with God this morning1 I am terrified of this disease and what it has done to me, I've had it for 20 years, the psychological problems are becoming too much for me and my family. What I hear from our Lord is "My Grace is sufficient" and so it has been. He healed me of Macular Degeneration! Now I'm waiting for this healing
I went to Bethel Church in Redding and was never healed, actually God told me to leave, I went a few more times and finally listened to Him. I did go to Sozo and cannot thank the Holy Spirit enough or His facilitators enough for that spiritual healing!!
It is all in His hands.