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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Big, Bad Babesia...And The Value of Muscle Testing

This infection can be killer to get rid of. Knowledge about how to treat Babesia is in its infancy, since only two strains of the organism can be tested for via conventional labs (and these labs most often produce inaccurate results), and some of the most commonly accepted protocol for Babesia--such as two teaspoons of Mepron daily, along with 500 mg of zithromax--don't cut it for everyone.

Who knows why this is? I suspect that some of us are more infected with Babesia or Babesia-like organisms than others, and carry multiple strains of the infection(s). For instance, I have learned through muscle testing that my body harbors at least half a dozen strains of the organism.

Fortunately, I have an LLMD in Denver who uses muscle testing to discern what my body needs at any given moment in time to treat these pernicious infections. I get tested on a monthly basis to determine whether my current regimen is working, and what "next" thing my body needs in order to effectively keep fighting the infections.

This is a huge advantage, since some doctors prescribe medication based upon commonly accepted protocols or what seems best, based on a person's symptoms. Muscle testing allows practitioners to go one step further and tailor the protocol to the person's specific biochemistry and needs. Because we aren't all alike, and when it comes to the treatment of Babesia, for example, some people respond to Artemisia, while others don't. You can save a lot of time and hassle if you know at the outset whether a particular remedy is going to work for you, or if it's going to overload or compromise your body's healing process!

Over the past month I have been taking 2 tsp of Mepron daily, along with 500 mg of zithromax and Noni, to treat my Babesia. Yesterday, my doctor muscle tested me and apparently, my body is now ready for something stronger to whack the bugs. Since my insurance won't pay for higher doses of Mepron, we added Bactrim to the regimen, and soon, I will also be taking Larium (yes, that anti-malarial drug that is rumored to make people psychotic-figuratively speaking, of course!). Yikes. Kinda scary, but if muscle testing revealed that my body can handle it, well, then...I gotta go for it, I guess!

Finally, a friend in Germany is sending me homeopathic nosodes for four different Babesia strains, which he obtained from a pharmacy in Belgium. I plan to use these with the Bionic at some point during my treatment with the medications-or perhaps afterward, if necessary.

Using the Bionic 880 machine, along with nosodes, to treat Babesia may be a viable, safer (and perhaps more effective!) alternative to taking multiple medications. I will share my experience with these down the road. I have found that doing treatments for babesia using my own blood as a nosode, along with the Bionic, has been insufficient for treating this blood-borne pathogen. At the same time, I know of someone in the Lyme disease community who claims that the machine got rid of her Babesia, when Mepron wouldn't. We all respond to different things!

I'm not looking forward to the next few months, but I was encouraged when my doctor said, "You may not believe it, but you're going to get better, Connie."

Actually, I do believe it. More and more these days, and despite the symptom hell that I am once again enduring. I don't regret not having started antibiotics four and half years ago when I was first diagnosed with Lyme, because I know that constitutionally, I wouldn't have been strong enough at the time to handle the strong die-off reactions that they produce. I know, because I took six weeks of antibiotics at the outset of my healing journey, and thought I was going to die. Herbs, electromedicine, and other strategies have brought me to a place where I now believe that I can tolerate the medications.

And maybe God will spare me my liver and my sanity and grant me a miracle before I'm done with all this. My hope is still in Him and in His ability to heal me. If He uses the meds to do it, then great! And if He has another way, well, even better.

I encourage any doctor or Lyme sufferer that reads this, to consider muscle testing as a viable means for discerning the presence of infections in the body, and what corresponding treatments are most appropriate for treating those. Why? Well, my doctor in Denver claims that most of his patients get better in less than a year, and I believe that his ability to determine with precision, via muscle testing, the remedies that his patients need may be part of the reason for that.

Or perhaps he's just being blessed in his work because he's humble, kind and doesn't charge an arm and a leg for his services!

I admit, I'm skeptical that anyone can heal from chronic Lyme in less than a year, because I haven't met anyone who has, but I'll be pleasantly surprised if I discover this to be true. It will solidify my faith in the practice of muscle testing, and in the ability of God to work in ways that are beyond our understanding. After all, who knows if He doesn't bless the work of the humble?


Anonymous said...

Hi Connie,
Thank you for posting about Babesia and muscle testing. The key is finding someone in my area who is knowledgeable in this skill.

I have a few questions: how do you know if you have detoxing problems like you talk about in your first book? Would that mean you have a herx reaction on small amounts of treatment or you don't have herx reactions at all? Just curious.

I was hoping for your opinion. On 1/15 I started MMS, 1 drop twice a day. On 1/21 I started a new combo of abx: biaxin/rifampin. After 6 months of various combos of abx, I wasn't getting better or worse - no herx reactions.

Well, the past 1-1/2 weeks I have felt awful. A lot of nausea, headaches, some diarrhea, sort of flu-like in my body. I am now up to 11 drops of MMS twice a day.

I'm not sure what to do at this point. I question if it's possible these symptoms are just side effects of the abx? Or does this finally sound like a herx? Do I just keep going with the MMS and abx combo at this point?

I was considering just doing 15 drops of MMS once a day.

I value your opinion when you have the time.

Thank you.

Connie Strasheim (aka Killabugger) said...

Hi Anonymous,

Yes, it's important that the muscle tester be skilled. There are as many bad ones as good ones.
Check their reputation.

Detox issues...well, doctors who know how to muscle test can discern specific problems, otherwise you can do a series of blood and urine tests with labs such as Genova Diagnostics.

If you just keep getting worse from treatments, after many months, this usually indicates a detox problem. You would have a herx, and it would seem to never go away. That's been my experience anyhow.

You said you didn't herx--but are you noticing changes in your symptoms? This is what you have to look at over the long haul, since some people don't herx--however your meds may not be the right ones. Only time may tell.

It sounds like what you are going through now is a herx, however.
I don't know of anyone who has healed from Lyme with MMS alone, so not sure what to recommend you there. I know some docs are concerned about side effects with it, and if it were me, I would probably prefer a more tried-and-tested method.

I wish you well in your healing,


Moriah said...

Hi Connie!
As I was hooked up to the stim matchine today to help ease the back contractions, I got out your book on Lyme. Typically, I end up falling asleep within a couple minutes, but today my attention was quite captivated (now there's a miracle in and of itself!) LOL One thing led to another and here I am posting on your blog. THANKS for your honesty in sharing your journey with Lyme and for all the research you've done. I've been on the journey for ten years now and can relate to you on so many levels!!! I will start praying for your healing as well! I live in Monument and haven't been able to find a physician of any type who knows anything about Lyme here in CO (we moved here last year due to my health reasons). If you could share the contact info of the one who's helping you - that'd be great! THANKS again for being a light in a dark world!! May God richly bless you and may His sustaining grace be sufficient for you each day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Connie,
After being sick for 18 months, I was finally diagnosed with Lyme, Babesia and Mycoplasma. I've tried two antibiotic protocols that failed and have just started Mepron, Zithromax, Artemesia and Flagyl (jemsek protocol). My worry is that some babesia experts claim this is "trash" and will 100% result in relapse. I am losing hope and my symptoms are only getting worse. Any positive words? Are YOU feeling any improvement?

Connie Strasheim (aka Killabugger) said...

Hi Rachel, Whether a protocol succeds or fails depends upon the person and the type and severity of babesia infections that they have. The protocol you mention may or may not be sufficient. Babesia is difficult to eradicate; however, I think that those meds are a good start, and over time, if you don't improve, you might consider adding a stronger drug such as larium. Of course, I am not a doctor but this is what I would do!` Thanks, Connie

Anonymous said...

Connie, I want to thank you for this blog, it as been a life saver. I have a question for you or a reader: Babesia is starting to flare every 4 days now with extreme vomiting up 6 hours. What in the world can I take to settle it down? I can't find anything on line as to what to take that would help.

Connie Strasheim (aka Killabugger) said...

Hi Anonymous,

Sorry to hear about the vomiting. Yikes. I haven't had much experience with that, so I'm probably not going to be your best resource. However, if you are getting sick due to a herx reaction, the dose of your meds may be too high. Vomiting is one of the body's quickest ways to get rid of toxins, so you may be producing too many toxins, too fast. Just a guess. DGL licorice tablets can calm the gut but they may not be strong enough for you. Remember to drink lots of water, as vomiting causes dehydration.
Hope this helps. You may want to tell your doctor what's going on. Thanks, Connie

Arrow Durfee said...

I don't know if you are aware of this or not and I have learned of it though my neighbor who has chronic lyme. He has seen Dr West ND, of Pocatello, Idaho and had very good results with treating his lyme. He was very sick and family thought perhaps near dying during his first visit. Treatment inclued IVs of vitamins and a sodium chlorite preparation, not MMS, but none the less essentailly the same. He got quite well until recently. On his return visit it was determined that he could treat at home as he was not as sick as the first time. Dark Field Microscope analysis visualized cysts as well as a few other parasites. I cannot help but wonder, for chronic lyme, if the cysts can be seen with dark field microspe analysis why arn't more doctors using this technology to make a difinative diagnosis?

His treatment this time was with samento extract, colloidal silver and enzymes, common digestive enzymes to be taken on an empty stomach. These enzymes break open the cyst so the samento and colloidal silver can do its job. After this last course of treatment he is doing well. It was during this time that I introducded him to MMS. After a consult with Dr West he was advised to go ahead and try it as it was the same thing given to him by IV several years earlier. For those people who use MMS and are not reaching the results that they had hoped for I would recommend trying the MMS with the enzymes. Take the enzymes 1 hour before the MMS (or samento if that is your medication of choice) so that the MMS will work on the released pathogens from the cysts. This protocol should eliminate the need for samento or colloidal silver. The MMS should be done several times a day but the high dosages once recommended by Jim Humble may no longer apply. As always with MMS,use the dosage that you can best tolerate. For some that is only one or two drops, for others as high as 15.
For further info on MMS go to
www.jimhumble.biz. The product can be purchased on ebay or at Alpha Omega Labs.

MichaelP said...

First, Connie, thank you so much for your wonder "Insights..." book!

I am seeking treatment using photon therapy and the accompanying methods used by the two German doctors in your book. I don't want to just buy a photon machine, I really think the treatment approach that goes along with it can be important.

I live in Florida and am hoping to find something more local than going to Germany. Sounds like maybe your doctor in Colorado can do this type of work? Could you please provide me with any United States or England doctors you are aware of that might do something like this?

Thanks again for your great work!

Connie Strasheim (aka Killabugger) said...

Hi Michael, My doc in Denver doesn't do biophoton work, although a holistic doc named Vanessa Morgan in Durango, CO may do it. I don't know of any others in the US, honestly, because it hasn't been FDA approved yet (though they are working on that). You might try contacting Scott Forsgren at www.betterhealth.com as he may have more info. on this. You are smart to work with a practitioner. It is heavy duty therapy.
Good luck! Connie

Anonymous said...

I am moving to Denver, CO and I am 30 years old with Lyme Babesia and a lot of other illness. Do you have a recommendation of doctors in the area that understand or an expert in Lyme? It has been a challenge to find doctors in the Denver area.

Please feel free to let me know if you want to take this offline.



Anonymous said...

Connie, could you pls explain to your gullible readers what exactly you're sick with? You claim to have all kinds of pathogens yet you travel the world? Write books? If your brain and body is fine you must need a psychiatrist because it's your mind that's broke!! And.. you give medical advice without being qualified to do so, huh? Hmmm interesting.