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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Thanks to The Prayer Warriors!

I just want to thank everyone who participated in the conference call prayer group tonight. We prayed for over 100 people (as well as for the Lyme community in general) and I believe that God is going to be responding to these prayers!

Tonight, before the prayer, I cried, not knowing why. I now think that it was God's Spirit, crying through me because the hardship that those with Lyme suffer breaks His heart. But I also felt His joy at the group that came together tonight to bring "Heaven to Earth."

My intention is to do this conference call every two weeks, and I may do it more or less often as my schedule permits. For now, if you are interested in participating in the prayer, please add the following dates to your calendar:

June 23rd, July 7th, July 21st, August 4th, and August 18th.

The meetings are all on Wednesday, at 6 PM Pacific Time, 7 PM Mtn Time, 8 PM Central Time, and 9 PM EST.

The call-in number is: 712-432-0075
and the "entry" code is: 879949.

I encourage you to join and pray along silently as I lead prayer for those with Lyme disease. I believe that God is going to do great things with this time!

Finally, if you participated in tonight's meeting, or your name was submitted for a prayer request at this meeting, and you notice positive changes in your life as a result of the prayer--a decrease in your symptoms, financial provision, emotional strength, comfort or otherwise, please leave a comment below! This will serve as a testimony of God's love and power to others who are considering prayer.
Thank you!


babycircus said...

I just wanted to mention something that happened just before the prayer time last night. It's a huge example of God's provision.

I went to my church last night to pray with some women that have a healing ministry there. Before I left, one of the woman handed me an envelope and said that "someone had left it for me." It simply had mine and my husband's name on it. When I got home and opened (actually while I was on the phone for the prayer conference) it had $3000 in cash inside.

Who but God could have orchestrated that. We needed that money very badly. Praise God!!

Aunt Leelee said...

Thank you for putting this together, Connie! I know it was a huge blessing to everyone, and will continue to be. I had a massage last night for my pain (go figure) which wasn't over until 6:15, and I didn't want to interrupt by calling in late. I am sad that I missed the call, but I plan to try to attend as many future calls as possible! These dates are on my calendar! Thank you, everyone for your prayer. God is all powerful and has all the power to heal us. Prayer is powerful, and so is God.

James 5:15
Psalm 30:2

Connie Strasheim (aka Killabugger) said...

Wow, that is great, Babycircus! Thanks for sharing that, it is truly a miracle :)

Aunt Leelee, Sorry you missed last night, but in the future feel free to pop in late. I turned off the chimes on the call so people can't hear others when they enter/exit.

To the lady who last night told me she felt pain leave her back during the prayer...how are you today?

For those who attended last night, please feel free to send me any suggestions for improvement. Overall, I think it went really well! :)

M.B. said...

This is awesome! What a wonderful example of faith. I too have Lyme and pray for healing daily. I will be joining you.

M.B. said...

How do you add a name to the prayer list? I would like to add Patty Plummer and myself, Martha Boykin.